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Final Fantasy Tactics Param Growth Bonus

Eric & ME: Speech about System1

Eric: Yup, its cool, but why this isn't on the picture D: ?

Hello RMVXA users! This is the first script (at least first public script) that I’ve made for RMVXA.

You can maybe remeber me for making some weird scripts before, and I’ll go for that weir script creation AGAIN!

The first script I’lll put here is a good one:

Do you remember final fantasy tactics?
Well this script takes the idea to gain Bonus stats per level when a player levels up in certain classes. So you can do to warriors, mages, and any other class you could make have bonus in some areas.
I liked the idea, to have “Permanent bonus” as prizes, because this makes you to change the class quicker to get more bonnusses form a particular stat, or just to make your lovely ax crazy Eric damage horrible amouts of damage whe using his “rage” skill.
Quite simple, isn’t it?
Well to make a permanent bonus easily just do this:
Add this in class notes:
<PARAM BONUS: param_id, param_value>

Where param_id is the id of the param to give a bonus and param_value is te
value to add.

List of default params by id:
0 = Maximum Hit Point
1 = Maximum Magic Point
2 = ATtacK power
3 = DEFense power
4 = Magic ATtack power
5 = Magic DeFense power
6 = AGIlity
7 = LUcK

Well that’s all as my first script, see ya guys.

An interesting way to use this is with: Yanfly Class System.

For updated versions, please refer  HERE



  1. Hahaha, I loved the link to the AxCrazy trope for Eric XD


  1. YEA – Lunatic States | Yanfly Channel
  2. YSA Battle Add-on – Invert Targets | Yami World

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