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Some Graphical updates

Well as I said, not all the times I’ll write about RPG Maker/Scripts Sometimes I will write about other things…

Well this time it’s… about RM, but not scripts by itself, it’s about the character generator.

From this time if I make ANY character piece, I’ll give it to all of you:

you can always find them: HERE

(And yes, I know that it’s late for X-mas)

On the others blogs we have Nessiah‘s Cut-in of Ralph. Yes Ralph, not Rudoplh.

Atoa makes 3 scripts for all of us: Control CharactersControl Text, and Damage Limit!
Bubz makes the gender functions. Quite interstng.

EvilEagles made some nice Battlebacks for sideview battle systems. I’m sure some tankentai users will use them… YES I’m SURE!

You Should try Move Restrict Region. I always like this kind of scripts, and it’s an interesting script from Yanfly.

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    1. YEA – Move Restrict Region | Yanfly Channel

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