Ramiro + RMVXA = ♥

Ramiro's script collection for ACE!

Were are you ramiro-doo?

The first screenshot of RBS

Me using a potion, isn't it nice?

Ok, Sure some of you wants to know why I didn’t post anything on this last days, well this is because I’m making the RBS, it takes to me lots of time, and you know, complex animated battle systems are not easy.

At the moment, this script is going on rails, I could finish a decent pop-up system and some nice features.

If you wait the time to let me finish this system I promise it will be awesome… but not too easy for use.

I’m making the manual before I upload the script so don’t worry, I’ll try to cover as much as I can to help all of you.

On the other sides, other people makes awesome things, just look at Yanfly Channel, you have many surprises like Victory Aftermatch and a new  Lunatic States package. Ok I am sure that Extra drops are nice too!

Yanfly is not the only one, you have an  Anti-Lag Event script made by Yami. It’s a good idea, because events always lags the maps…

Do you remember Bubz‘s Gender Functions ? you now have an add-on for it:  gender requirements. He uses as reference Final fantasy Tactics, and guess what, I LOVE THAT GAME!

Hey, not all of the news are scripts you have graphics too!

just check EvilEagles‘s battlebacks from XP or Nessiah‘s Ralph and Alice emotions. Both are great!

See ya guys!, I’ll keep making this battle system and the manual, I can’t wait to release it!

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