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Ramiro's script collection for ACE!

RBS 1.0 is finally OUT!

YES, as good as it sounds, the manual steel needs a lot of work, but basic explanation works.

Me throwing a shuriken, just for testing.

You can grab th three scripts HERE. you can check the manual HERE.

If you want to throw a shuriken you need to add the following notes on a weapon, or a skill:

move: ‘user’, ‘origin’, 32, 0, 0, 10;
wait: 10;
each process: ‘targets’;
move: ‘user’, ‘origin’, 32, 0, 20, 10;
wait: 5;
show pic: 1, 159, 1, 0, 0, 100, 100, 255, 0;
move pic ex: 1, ‘user’, 0, 0, 1;
wait: 1;
move pic ex: 1, ‘target’, 0, 0, 20;
wait: 20;
delete pic: 1;
animation: ‘target’, 0, false;
wait: 60;

move: ‘user’, ‘origin’, 0, 0, 0, 10;
wait: 10;

On the world, we have:

Yafly makes an  Weapon Attack Replace. Woah, I loved golden sun it was my first RPG (no comments…) and this recreates the uleashes :O.

Atoa makes two interesting scripts:  skipping certain battle log steps and  sound effects for stepping.

Kread-EX makes Shop Clouts, I don’t know too mutch about SaGa games, but its always nice to see new systems.

And some updated for YEA:

Yami updates the Pop Message .

Fomar’s created a pretty nice ATB Stamina System add-on for Ace Battle Engine.




  1. Quite good, the way you did the action sequence is quite similar with the way i was planning to do on my own CBS.

    • “Great minds think the same” ( ? )
      Oh, tanks, I’m really happy that I could make this engine.

  2. Haber para cuando una demo…XD

  3. Wachuflame2

    ¿Cuando saldra la demo ?
    i need the demo please….

  4. When the character will execute this action sequence, I get this error:
    “Script ‘RBS Battle Actions’ line 364: NoMethodError occurred.
    unefined method `size´ for nil:NilClass”
    Can you help me to solve this problem?

    • depends on this: what is “this” action sequence.
      I can guess what you are trying to do anyway:
      you are using the each process command, and you probbly didn’t set to witch you target or the target is not valid.

      If you wish to make each process with enemies you may set something like:
      each process: ‘target’; as a command.
      or well another kind of target is valid too like ‘3 random enemies’ or ‘all battlers except user’ (yes the last is also valid from version 1.1 or better)

    • It’s not a problem of the system, it’s the sequence, just read the next comment.

  5. dartdaman

    i put the shuriken attack sequence in a weapons notebox and when i go into battle and the actor with the weapon goes to attack i get this error message
    Script ‘RBS Actions’ line 364: NoMethodError occured.
    undefined method ‘size’ for nil:NilClass

    • I got why that happens, see when you copy the sequence to tankentai ‘target’ is changed to `target´ (see de difference in the quotes)
      To repair it, just change all the `text´ for ‘text’ and it will work.

      • Yeah. Now it works! Thanks.


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