Ramiro + RMVXA = ♥

Ramiro's script collection for ACE!

Quiet Here…

Simple is better SOMETIMES... well, with an EYE-CANDY system actually...

Sorry to be a bit quit this days, but I’m working in a game with a friend, I’ll post some Images when we have something interesting to show.

By the way, the RBS got another update, now It has the option to play music or videos, ins’t it nice?

Remember to check the Command help, to know more about.

On the other side there are two simple add ons for rbs, but they also work on any other battle system. they are Resize Animations and another Status window.

On the world we have many news, some of them are the following:

Victor made two scripts: Automatic battlers and action efectiveness. pretty good. Don’t forget Follower options a nice feature to control followers.

Yanfly, with the slogan of “other day, other script” created some Lunatic packages: Power and Critical.

Also YF made some other scripts: Steal Item, Instant Cast and Convert Damage

Kread-EX has a lot of new scripts like: Morphing and Multiple skills types(This one is a personal fav)

Yami made more add ons for the ATB.

Yes, there are a lot of news, but that was only because I don’t post too mutch.



  1. Bell

    Sorry, you will have a demo of this project?

    • I won’t make any project utill the VX ace is released as english(and payed for it).
      Why woud make a demo when you literally can’t view it? (I don’t know japanese nor I am japanese to buy the japanese version)


  1. YEA.52 – Convert Damage | Yanfly Channel
  2. VX-VXAce Conversion Fix | Division Heaven

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