Ramiro + RMVXA = ♥

Ramiro's script collection for ACE!

Other focus to updates:

I was seeing that Yanfly’s scripts are famous all arround RM communities, and I made the RBS withour reading them so I decided to think this:

Some scripts does not have compatibility because they don’t write them properly or because the system is too complex to make it work well with other systems.

After that i just decided to create a new section for RBS: YEA compatibility.

YEA users will need to use that part and read the instructions to use each YEA script.

The system is not plug and play (mine and Yanfly’s) so please, read before attempting to say “this system does not work”

On the other hand, If another engines needs patches (that I assume, if The battle system works fine with YEA, and all other engines works well with YEA too, the result is that other engines will work with RBS fine too… right?)

Remeber this: Using this battle system is only a way to extend in more that only a visual way, it seems that not, but deeply in code it has bugfixes, new functions and new possibilities.

Sorry, I know a lot of you would like a demo or something alike, but at the moment I still refuse to make it UNTILL the RMVX Ace comes out in English officially(I would like to have it in my language, Spanish, but well, it doesn’t matter…)

Without Testers is quite hard to test all compatibility with all of the scripts in the universe, so remeber the compatibility issues will be removed as the time anyone says to me about the compatibility issue or I found it by myself.

See ya guys!


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