Ramiro + RMVXA = ♥

Ramiro's script collection for ACE!

A show about ACE fusion!

Yes, ACE made this possible.

In my debug period about “Will my script work with another battle system”

And I’m not talking only about YF scripts, this is the turn of one of Yami’s being more exactly the CATB system.

I’m happy that it worked without ANY problem, so yes, you can use a CATB, or other system without any problem at the moment.

I still “updated the code” (the status window, if you are guessing what) But that’s only a minor problem after all.

The only problem that I got was that Cooperation skills does not work properly, not at the moment, at least. well it works on enemies with same speed. But you can input two actor’s actions at the same time. I need to rebuild that first before the system turns right.

There are many news on the world:

Yami talks about a CTB, so it’s nice to see another battle styles (and probably test them too)

Yanfly makes an interesting script: Anti fail message stop that “failed” message!

But the Input combo skills are greater than great!(yes, seriously)

Nessiah is a good artist and this Alice emotions are of course a good proof of that.

Did you say Ralph? oh that Ralph, tanks Nessiah, maybe some people will forget ralph because Eric is stealing protagonist (of course, Eric uses his Ax to convince people to do that… He is not a good hero, believe me)


Well guys hope you liked my “Compatibility check time”, you will see a mix and match of these with updates and more. Just because I love to test limits.

See ya!


  1. dartdaman

    I have found a bug when Yami’s CATB is used with your battle system the actors doesn’t step out and look down when it is there turn to choose an attack, the actor just looks to the right instead

    • Strange, I’ll take a look on that.

    • Yes, I got why that happends but I don’t see a way to fix it without a lot of other problems, with atb it’s not possible, sorry… at least, not at the moment.

    • I think it works fine, except when you have choosen action for an actor, it will turn to the right a little and then attack normally. This bug can fix by add a comment symbol before this line:
      BattleInterpreter.add_action(actor, [actor], actor.get_turn_end_sequence, $data_skills[1])

      And remember to download the lastest version of my CATB, maybe the previous version has some issues with Ramiro’s Battle System.

  2. I found an issues with the camera when we change resolution. The Battleback will be shown not right ~

    • Battlebacks are special in RBS, they don’t have the same working on RBS that on other systems.
      At first, did you try setting UseDefaultBattlebacks as false in the configurations?
      If you still se the things wrong, well it’s part problem of the battleback and part of the system by itself, Battlebacks are really special so I should add a page about them. Untill i got the time to write it properly, The bug will stay, sorry =/
      Anyway i’ll take a look if I can fix it a bit.


  1. YEA.55 – Anti-Fail Message | Yanfly Channel

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