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I am (not) alone

Maybe My friend will kill me from showing this...

“What’s this?” maybe you are trying to guess, right?

Well THIS is a future project with a friend, I said to him “The first time I have to upload something I will”

Do you want to know a bit more about this, well this is the reason I don’t come with updates all the time here…

And this is a way to prove me and my friend than we can make a great game together, yeah, he is good at graphical design and I’m good at coding, we can complement the other, but well, you know…

He is kinda a composer now, too!

So we are ALMOST full, but we are still making tests from this game.

I couldn’t wait, sorry Rau D:

By the way, he has a great Deviantart page, if you like yonkomas/sci-fi comics or just good pieces of art you may visit his page.



  1. I liked his comics, some pretty funny moments there.

  2. Guess who I am XD

    • D: Don’t Kill me, I want to live(Sorry, cousins at home you know…)

      • You make it sound like I’m a bad person or something ^^U

      • Almost anyone known that I joke on comments here… 😛

      • XD Btw, I have a proposition…
        (dont misunderstand it just yet)

      • Lol, I’ll hear you when I see you connected xD
        Don’t worry Proposition of the think you thought are said in other ways xD

  3. LMBS says a huge hint. That’s a Tales of Battle System right e v e

    • Yup, at first it was going to be just ike ToP, but well it’s evolving into a fighting style, but the idea is to use it in a tales of system too…

      • BTW nice EVA reference there on the title 8’D;


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  2. YSA Battle Add-on – Lunatic CATB Starting Formulas « Yami World

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