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Ramiro's script collection for ACE!

Here comes a new Challenger!

Hello there guys,

Molegato opened his personal blog, it’s still new, but it’s great to get a friend here.

He makes stuff like Nessiah, but well you know, sometimes he will also post an script, and it’s not focused on RTP.

Don’t hear him, he can script well, only he needs a bit of more practice with objects, he is more like the ‘ol’ style programming’ (in part is because he knows a lot of GML)

BTW I updated a lot, and bugfixed another part of the RBS.

You may read the comments too if you want a deeper explanation.

I’m happy that a lot of people actually are testing this system (maybe because it has high  compatibility?)

Oh, I almost forget to Thanks Yami. Yami is making a great effort to test my battle system and I think there are a lot of people actually trying to mix it)

Thanks to that My script is getting better with all the bug reports!

On other part of the world, we have this:

Yanfly now made the ACE Save Engine, I think exactly than YF with that, the save slots were quite simple.

But no more with this engine.

Yami is making more Lunatic formulas for all of us. I think that being lunatic is not insane in this cases.

Nessiah gives a lot of updates. I love Nessiah’s work, and I admit it D:!(And the knowledge of evangelion/ possibly many anime series and videogames)

See Ya!



  1. Just spamming

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  2. Griffith

    Absolutely, compatibility is key! I don’t even bother using scripts that over write crucial elements of the core scripts no matter how good they are. I’d rather have something simple that works, than something complicated that gives me a headache. I’m happy to help you improve the system, and if you want suggestions I can do that as well– I just don’t want to make any if you’re not looking for them.

    I’ll be watching!

    • This system still breaks your head xD ad in very little pieces.
      The god side of this is the compatibility to almost anything.
      And yes, thanks for the help, With your help I could fix many problems.

      • Griffith

        LOL, yeah it does still sort of trouble me a bit, that’s why I bothered you about it xD. However, it works so well– and “plays” so nicely with other scripts, that I have fun just learning how to use it! It is VERY compatible, and powerful– an awesome combination. I really do hope I’m helping to improve the system, I support this 100%.

        If you need any help with anything (like making the demo), just ask and I’ll do my best to help!

      • I’m trying to make a non-standard demo (aka, tankentai style demo)
        Just because if I do a demo like tankentai people would use this system just like tankentai, I don’t want to see “vanilla RBS” you know…

      • Griffith

        Ahh, I see so you’re looking to make it require some thought to set up, so that people can’t just plug and play it? Or do you mean you’re trying to make it setup very simply, so that most of the features aren’t shown? Good thinking btw, the vanilla Tankentai was pretty lame to see so often.

      • It’s a mix of both, the setup is so simple that you don’t need to mutch to use it, but at the same time, If you really wish to create a game and check the option to make a decent battle system, you won’t be able to just “copy-paste” an animation, it’s not the idea.
        And I wanted to make a “Minigame” showing skills that nobody would ever use too.
        And to show all the functions in 10-15 skills and no more.
        And restructure all the database too, you know, to evade de use of the project as a template…

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