Ramiro + RMVXA = ♥

Ramiro's script collection for ACE!

Coming up next: SLOPES

Well, I’m updating some news here:

Sure, the angle is not a must, you may deactivate it.

ing a bit of my work with molegato, today we get the total control of ground and aerial characters (manual control, AI is still in non-existence)

And there are… SLOPES. Yup, now you can make that stairs like castlevania games without the problem of making it with normal rectangles.

Of course, the system is still in development, but the movement fits pretty good.

On the world:

Yanfly realases a new Status menu, Great, more information, more options, cooler, do you still want more?

Yami releases the CTB system! I loved CTB, the best battle style in my opinion.

Nessiah give us some Naia works. Nicer than nice as always.

Victor gives to all of us his own custom animated battlers. The good part is is easier to use than RBS on some things. GREAT!

There is a great and funny blog, believe me, Rage Guy Noob is great.

See ya!



  1. Noob

    Thanks for the plug. Calling me Noob is fine.

    • Isn’t the page’s mascot the rage guy xD?
      Ok, ok, I’ll call you noob.

  2. Oh my god I wish I can have this 😦

    • You will, eventually.
      First with my friend and I want to make Steel pawn(A fighting game with cats, basically)
      Then I will be adapting the system to work with the database properly.
      Of course it still requieres a lot of effort to make the system works with the database (now it doesn’t work with actors or enemies, you need to create raw data called “data fighter” for example)
      and making stages at the moment is as hard as you may think (let me explain this, think about you need to create an stage, then the bocks, all with ruby)
      Yes it’s possible to when the time comes, the stages will be made with some kind of “visual editor”
      That’s why there is data_stage and data_fighter as classes.


  1. YEA.61 – Rename Actor | Yanfly Channel
  2. Monsters? Monsters?! MOOONSTEERRSSS | Division Heaven

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