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Lost Feathers and Me

Why I put this? well I wanted to talk a bit about my own experience with the RPG Makers.

There is a game that I couldn’t ever finish, but always wanted.

What game? Lost Feathers.

What’s about? A mix of… well evangelion, shin megami tensei and final fantasy, some kind of that.

With a touch of paper mario in the battle system.

What, do you have a demo?

No, I really never could start a demo of that game.


Just because It will be my first and only game made entirely by myself, and I wanto to be as unique as possible.


By making all custom, The battle system (the RBS is a kind of reminiscence of Lost Feathers)

A custom menu (yes, like all the games… that’s not difficult anyway)


Special music

You know, like a normal indie game made with flash, but a bit more professional.

Ok ok, The notices is that I never lose track of that idea, and I always return with that crazy idea of making it.

Here there are some sprites that I’m planning to use:

This is ME!, I wish I were the same on RL... LOL

This sprite is about my character, well Yes, The history takes up with all my friends, you know, a gamer’s normal dream, right?

YES, you are right, his clothes remains the clothes of a Withe Mage but… in a modern fashion…

The inspiration comes from white mages and Roxas from kingdom hearts.

Well I’m posting it for three reasons:

FIRST, I want to show to all of you that I even I help with others and I don’t ask resources I want to make a game with the RPG maker.

SECONDLY, to ask all of you, do you still plan to make a game using custom resources, is it viable for you?

LASTLY, do you like this style? Yes, Do you think it can be used on a modern-time game like Mother?

BTW, Why don’t you check arround the word? there are great news for all of us:

Yanfly Releases the MEMO event window, in my opinion it’s useful I liked it, and I planned to make it in my games, Yanfly won, flawless victory. xD

Bubz gives to us a list of all of the patches. Seriously, They are good.

(OMG I confess that being Spanish I hate that english doesn’t have “tacit subject” and with people that I don’t know the gender I don’t want to call them “it” and I can’t simply omit it)

Nessiah gives new Monster portraits, I’m still looking why the death has that face…

N00b gives to us a bunch of comics everyday. Listing all of them is kind of a pain, but… READ THEM, seriously.

PS: you didn’t think I could make my own sprites, well SURPRISE, I’m a box full of them :D! ( ? )

Joking, joking…

PS2: For all the people that uses the old banner:

it seems to have problems so please, would you mind to change it for the new one?

The banner of the blog..




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