Ramiro + RMVXA = ♥

Ramiro's script collection for ACE!

RBS 2.0 is now here.

Your bones will turn dust!

RBS is still debugging, it should be 2.0 BETA, but anyway all the scripts are updated, even the configuration file.


Because there is a BIG change.

Damage popups are not incluyed anymore on the System.

They now are another ADD ON. Meaning that you can use them EVEN if you are not using the RBS.

Because not all in the world is Remove or change, you may want to know something new, and here it is. This is another battle add on “Extra collapse effects” Now, you can try more effects for bosses, and stop falling in the repetitive like of only 3 kinds of collapse effects.

Yanfly relases the Buff State Manager, now buffs are really more that normal buffs.

Mitchi draws the atention with his new sprite.

Kread gives to us many ways to control EXP. They add great gameplay effects.

Molegato releases the Basimple battle system. It reminds jet’s system because it has a lot of simplicity, but don’t be bad with him, he is new on the scripting world.



  1. Hi,
    I tried your battle system with Holders’ battler and I got this bug :

    I imagine that your script do not work with custom battler ? Because I tried to change the number of pose and frames in the script but it didn’t change and the battler do use any of its other poses.

    Though, I really like your battle camera.

    • THE MANUAL TEACHS HOT TO SET FOR AN ACTOR THE NUMBER OF FRAMES SO IT SHOULD WORK… it works with kaduki battlers with some twist also

      • I’ve read the manual > Configuration and I written this :
        # the number of poses that the standart battles have
        DefaultPoses = 14
        # the number of frames that the standart battles have
        DefaultFrames = 4

        It became worse the ennmies appear now under the floor.

  2. Sorry for double but I can’t edit my first post.
    Please take a look at this : http://www.mediafire.com/?a8fu8k9zf7fmkfm
    I left everything by default because of what I mentionned in my previous post.

    Sorry if I am a noob and that english isn’t my first language. I will try my best to understand but please be patient with me.

    So the first thing that I wish to do with your script is : that the battler is not flipped and that it will use the correct poses for the correct default commands.


  1. 2010-11 Transition Pack revisited « AzureCosmos

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