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Ramiro's script collection for ACE!

Some updates to all

Now the selection can be choosed as an add-on, this menas MORE compatibility.

From version 2.0 to version 3.0 of the RBS, I’ll be more slow in adding features, I will focus now in making the core more lightweight and add features with add-ons.

So this will lead to more small updates, but a big number of add-ons.

REMEMBER: you can use almost any of the add-ons on the default battle system.

Well I have a VERY small update about Lost Feathers.

I finished my actor’s walking sprite:

Maybe it's not any style arround here, but that makes it more unique I think.

On the world there are many news:

Yami says that Tankentai is almost compatible with CTB. OMG!. Maybe Enu is rewriting tankentai? Or it was just plain luck? Poor Yami anyway…

Yanfly gives to use A way to expose the enemies! This script is helpful for people that wanted to make complex systems in the game, and to not give players a headache memorizing enemy stats.

Craze gives the Extra enemy actions script. I remember Golden sun bosses, having… 3 ACTIONS in a turn, well this script recreats that (or even worst bosses)

Mitchi.exe gives a nice Battler Sprite, a shifter.

Also is giving an episode of Guilty Clown.

Molegato enters the arena with a Sudden Death script, do you like the idea to have shorter battles? THIS IS FOR YOU!



  1. Griffith

    Awesome! This is great news. I like the sprites btw, reminds me a lot of XP sprites. Btw there is a small error in the classes and modules script on line 2961. The script tries to use an action on an array instead of each item in the array.

    Question: Any ideas on when you’ll be releasing a “sequence” command that you can use in skills? I was just wondering because if you’re not planning on doing it anytime soon, I think I’ll try it.

    • That can’t be possible, Because @subject is always a character and not an array.
      Targets are an array always.
      even if it’s only the user.
      How can I reproduce the bug?

      Calling sequences has the biggest issue: from where I call that sequences?
      From the configuration Module? From the item?

      I’m making an add-on of the system that can reproduce something similar:
      NEWBIE COMMANDS, they are a short versions of many commands (Like MOVE TO TARGET) to short the sequences.
      They are “Newbie” because they are easier to use but hides a lot of information and customization (anyway, you can use BOTH newbie and normal commands together, so they are usefull)

      If you want to create your own action group, you can do it without any problem.

  2. Griffith

    Simple, just try to use a skill with the scope as: “4 Random Enemies” and if you have YF’s Target Manager you’ll get the error. I don’t want to tell you what to do though, you’re the boss– just try it out and you’ll see for yourself :).

    As for the sequences that you mentioned…well actually what you’re working on sounds AWESOME! I was worried about how that would get done, because that would make things easier, but it’s not hard for me anyway. That wasn’t what I had in mind when I asked you about this.

    As for “from where to call that sequences?” I was thinking from the skill/item. But no worries! I just finished scripting an “add-on” that would allow the battle system to do just do that. If you’re interested let me know :).

    • It’s not a problem if you wish to post/publish it.
      I can also add a page talking about “unofficial add ons”
      So, if you want to share it, there is no problem, but your code is yours, even if its for my Battle System.

    • Oh About the problem:
      Well I Know maybe you are meaning that all the damage is applied in one hit to all the four random battlers at the same time… right?
      You can avoid this bi using:

      each process: ‘targets’;
      here actions for each target

      You know, the random attacks are calculated at the begining, so maybe they can be a repeated enemy/ally.

      But if you process each target separately (with this script) you won’t have those problems I think…

      • Griffith

        Hmm… I tired that solution. Unfortunately it didn’t work. But no it’s not a big deal.

        As for the error with the Target Manager, the error is because it’s trying to set an action to array of targets all at once, instead of selecting each individual target and applying it. The error is:
        “Script: Ramiro Classes line 2969: Name Error
        undefined local method or variable ‘target’ for ”

        Anyway, yes I would like to post that script– I think it will be useful. I also tried to make it as small as possible and to alias as much as possible. So just let me know what I need to do!

      • Griffith

        Another small bug: you forgot to remove this after you got rid of the pop up messages: “dispose_damage_sprites” on line 825.

      • Solved!
        I notice how to make that work after reading YF’s target manager.

        To put your script, just put it on Pastebin/Dropbox.
        And post the link, I’ll make a page with them Later 😛

  3. Why poor me =((

    • Let me explain like the battle log window would say:
      Yami tested tankentai+CTB!
      Tanklentaifags attacks Yami!
      Yami is confused!

      xD If your system works with tankentai, you will receibe attack from tankentaifags D:

      • Editing host file… rpgex.sakura.ne.jp


  1. Finally finished… « Candy Coded Response

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