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Ramiro's script collection for ACE!

Battleback Manager appeared!

Do you like to change your battleback when you are over a region or terrain_tag

This script lets you to do that easier than normal. It works with ANY battle system, or it should.

I don’t usually take request, but my friend Orochii gives it and it was quite easy to use.

I know, at the moment all my scripts are visual… u.u I will give gameplay style scripts when an idea comes into my mind…

The report is:

Mitchi gives to all of us an sprite outliner. I prefer to outline manually on my style, but this is great for a cartoony looking games.

Molegato releases Lateral Characters. If you let me answer, it reminds me Paper mario games.

Yami will release another CTB. Wow, curious.

N00b keep writting about the current games. it reminds me the “Bahamut, Bahamut, Bahamut, Curaja” starategy(where possible)

“That” Infamous Bon Bon releases another tutorial. his tutorials are great, unless you are lazy…

See ya!



  1. Griffith

    A Battleback Manager has appeared!
    Griffith’s party attempts to escape…
    Griffith’s party has failed to escape!



  1. Stonegate « .:: Tieris Illia ::.

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