Ramiro + RMVXA = ♥

Ramiro's script collection for ACE!

A little update

Inspired in Devil Survivor, when a characters covers other the windows will move!

The Mother 3 Status is updated. Now it’s compatible with almost 99% of scripts (YEA included)

And like the image suggest there were some visual upgrades, just because Devil survivor inspired to me.

The news are quite interesintg:

Yanfly gives a nice new Item page, i’m just thinking or the interface is similar to almost all other menus? Well, I have to admit it, that’s consistency.

Evil Eagles releases some nice Buff/debuff icons

Yami gives a new demostration of her(?) CTB. NICEEEE the bar is updating great :P!

See ya!



  1. Figured I’d let you know there are two bugs when dealing with YEA; one is the action window shows up before every round, and the second is the action window closes and then closes again. It’s only a visual glitch, but its fixed by commenting out lines 1252 & 1269. For the general public, if interested, you might put in your own check if Yanfly’s is being used.


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