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Testing from Word

This is a just shameless test from the word 2012, to see if they could really update my blog.




    XD just kidding… I should try to use word to update this, too. Maybe I can add a bit more of detail to the formatting…

    • So true. I discovered this like… 10 seconds ago.

  2. I didn’t know you could do that. Word is one of my favorite programs (yup that’s how lame I am). I’m going to have to play with that this weekend. Oh wait is it just the 2012 version or does 2010 enable that too?

    • I’m actually using the 2010 starter edition that comes with my pc for free (I use open office insthead) But i discovered this feature and I liked it.

  3. Cool I’ll give it a shot.

  4. estriole

    want to report something about your rbs compatibility with yea and some normal bug (without other script). i know its not the right place but this is your newest post (i already post it in rbs page and no answer).
    for starter i use your 2.2 version rbs script.

    first normal bug (using your script only) which i found the cure.
    when you add party member more than 4, even when you configure the battler position theres always error. undefined method blabla bla.
    there are 2 ways to solve this. first. configure every position of your members (including non battle members). example you have six member while only four enter battle. configure it like
    ActorPos = [[420, 215], [445, 240], [470, 265], [495, 290], [0,0],[0,0]]
    which so hard to do if you have lots of members
    other method is simpler. i change your code in Classes and methods.
    every $game_party.members -> $game_party.battle_members
    and it fixed like magic.

    now the second thing which i cannot solve until now. >.< (and hope you could :D)
    i insert yea ace battle engine above then your script below.
    when enemy damage me it not decrease my hp immediately. but wait until the character damaged to act then the hp decreased. the same with state. when enemy apply me with a state. it not immediately shown. i havent try about mp or tp damage but i guess its the same. the strange thing is when i only use your scripts its not happening. same with only use yea ace battle engine. not happening either. i try to switch the script position. ace battle system below your script. hp damage, state apply works fine. but of course the position is a mess. so from that point my conclusion is that your method somehow clash/override with some of his method about updating the battler status window. i try to find them but after i read your and his code over and over i still cannot found them. (i'm not a ruby scripter but i know some programming language other than ruby). so i hope with the information above you can fix this compatibility issues. because you know your script the best and how it flows(and if you havent finish this compatibility patch at least put them as compatibility info in your script). i put my hope on you to finish this because in my opinion (and other opinions) yea ace battle engine + your rbs is the ultimate form of battle system. :D.

  5. renegat92

    Where are you ramiro? The rbs needs several updates!!!

    • The RBS will not be updated anymore.
      After all now you have many good alternatives…

    • By the way, I’m going to make other kind of battle system at any moment… I hope at least my Ruby skills are not lost…

      • renegat92

        Oh I though we will never see you again… Welcome back !! And do as you wish! you are the scripter; you are kind enough to share your script with us so we won’t complain if you leave the rbs( even if it was the more appropriate BS for advanced battle concept).

  6. HeavyWeaponsGuy

    You are ded.

    Not big surprais.

    • Isn’t it more like,
      “You ARE DEAD.
      Not A big surpise.”

      • HeavyWeaponsGuy

        It’s well known on the internet like this. It’s funny.

      • Now you are haunted for the rest of your life for disturbing this ghost.
        *evil laugh*
        Not quite, I am not maaaaybe on the RPG maker scene… BUT, I’m trying to make other (interesting on it’s own way) things…
        Probably you’ll hear news from myself…


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