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Monthly Archives: August, 2015

Planning to move on…

After all this years without updates (because this blog is soooo specific about wich I decided to write here and wich I won’t write here) Here is the brand new blog to check. I’m looking for making a nice image for a logo, but it doesn’t matter by now. Check it from HERE, newer things …

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Why “open” does not mean “easy to steal”

There are so mane people just thinking about “I want to encrypt my game to preven others from stealing it” And that is silly, by many reasons, your game can be stolen anyway. You have to show your resources, so they are always accesible, even from rips if you encrypt them well. Hey, I can …

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Hidding information is not a way to stay secure

The other day I found how someona just says: “We won’t give you this information, because if we do you will have to know how to bypass it” And THIS is the real error, you try to hide something you know doesn’t exists, but try to scare the others with a bland argument. Why I …

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Why people won’t read your EULA?

I, as an engineer, I am pretty upset every time I see someone saying “just read the EULA if you want to know if X thing is valid”, because you know people can’t read the EULA and undertand it clearly, but why? it’s because you write it to be hard to read. Yes, its all …

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A new maker, good bye ruby, hello javascript

Well the new maker is already near our hands now: http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/products/programs/rpg-maker-mv But I will miss ruby, I will still make some scripts for the new maker, but javascript is not quite the same… Still I’m HYPED

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RMMV – A new maker

Something like this, made me rise from mi tombstone to walk like an undead trying to eat some more (enter)brains… I probably will make some scripts for the new RPGMaker, like always. I hope to not dissapear like last time…

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