Ramiro + RMVXA = ♥

Ramiro's script collection for ACE!

RMMV – A new maker

Something like this, made me rise from mi tombstone to walk like an undead trying to eat some more (enter)brains…

I probably will make some scripts for the new RPGMaker, like always.

I hope to not dissapear like last time…



  1. Wild Zombie Ramiro appeared! Will you eventually change the blog’s name to RMMMV? XD

    • Probably I won’t change the name, but change the blog altogether…
      I love the new sideview battlers and hate them AT THE SAME TIME

      • I know, basimple will eat dirt now… ^^U

      • now It can be called “baex” (basic extensions) 😛
        Because it seems the default sideview is basimple with GUI, so its bacheese.
        I think you can add weapon movements and suck as extensions

  2. YAY! He lives!
    It really has been awhile since your last post.

    • I’m not dead… maybe?
      Zombies like me are also exited with new RM releases

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