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Why “open” does not mean “easy to steal”

There are so mane people just thinking about “I want to encrypt my game to preven others from stealing it”

And that is silly, by many reasons,

your game can be stolen anyway.

You have to show your resources, so they are always accesible, even from rips if you encrypt them well.

Hey, I can steal your music just from hearing it.

Encrypting and packing resources from a videogame is weak protection, if you really want to protect your game, protect with by legal means, put copyright on your characters and such.

But I have to ask… why are you worried about that?

Yes, you can have as many anti-piracy or anti-X feature on your game, but you can’t stop it, butdelay the inevitable.

Triple A games, just make sure the anti-piracy is for 3-6 months wich is the time their game is sold at 80% of the public.

Also DLC and online connection is a way to ensure legal copies.

But, you, as an indie developer, are you going to waste a budget bigger than the amount of money you can make, then it’s no deal.

Hey, remember this, if people won’t pay for your game, they won’t do no matter what you do, so believe me you are not loosing from piracy.

People should actually stop being so worried about someone imitating its formula, look al the minecraft clones, al the final fantasy clones, all the super mario clones, did they affect mario, final fantasy or minecraft?

NO, they probably even made their game more famous.

So stop being paranoid about “how I can encrypt my game plz” And start focusing on “how can I make people like my game more”


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