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The banner of this blog

[About ME]

Hello well, I’m Ramiro(you could view me as holywyvern or wyvern_rider sometimes).

A (Grad?) student in Informatics, at least for now.

At the moment I wrote this I were 21.

Well nevermind, the idea of this blog is to make scripts for RPG Maker VX ACE, so yeah, I love RPG Maker, I loved it and I’ll still love it in the future.

[About My Scripts]

My scripts are not a fixed type of them, like a “Complete engine” or “Only battle systems” or “Only plug&play scripts” so you can find ANYTHING HERE.

If you remember about Pockethouse, I made some script for that page, maybe nobody uses them, not all of them where useful scripts easy for use, anyway.

I like to make tools for scripters, and then share them. Nothing special.

So well that ‘s all about my scripter’s life. Personal life? I don’t like to talk about that.

[About my past]

My rm user past, of course.

Well how can I say it… I started using XP, but on those ages I had a very VERY old pc, with 24 mb of ram (no joking)

Later I refused to use XP, at home, so I decided to make it with a friend at his house. Yes, because both wanted to make an RPG together…

Well, without more details, meanwhile I were going to his house. At home I installed first RM95, then Rm2k and 2k3 and I started to learn how variables and switches work(HEY!, yes I had made an “infinite prize chest” too!, maybe not only one -w-)

Well after all of that fairy tale, I could buy a new computer, at that moment a powerful pentium IV… lol

And then, started to use RMXP.

Because obviously I hated some features from XP (like no atk = no damage)

I started to learn how to script, slowly.

Well, then I changed to VX, because VX was more flexible than XP in my opinion… (oh, if you are asking, I’m on that PIV at the moment…)

Then I just started to script better, and better, I made some nice scripts for VX, most of them eye candy or simple features, maybe my most famous scripts for VX, at least, for spanish users, were the Show map name revolution.

If you were asking yes I have had Other blog but nobody went there so I left it… and yes, it’s spanish.

My first script? well this is my first one, it is nice, isn’t it?

But it’ s poorly coded and well, I don’t support it anymore.

Sorry for the long past ( ? )

[About my hate to Eric]

I don’t hate Eric, He is Just a Mind controller…



  1. Hi Ramiro.
    What’s with the messy banner? You can’t attract moar people with dat banner :<
    Here I edited it for you: http://illiaworld.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/blog_pic.png

    Anyway, very nice stuff you've got here. Keep it up 😉

    • Hahaha Thanks for making it, well i’m not a good person in Pixel art, (Specially because I use paint for my draws, and well I’m quite lazy).

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