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Super Simple Mother 3 Status window.

Hello there guys there is a quite interesting alternative to people that don’t have time to work on animated battle systems…

Yes, when you are selecting something the window will show the actor.

This script tries to imitate mother3’s status visuals.

If you don’t have time to learn RBS and want a little visual in your battle this is right for you.

It should be compatible with ANYTHING except a visual battle system.

Sorry, you can’t use it with RBS/Victor’s animated battlers becuase this MEANS to be an alternative to those systems.

It may work with YEA and another kind of scripts thought.

On the world there are many news:

Yanfly releases the Skill Menu. It doesn’t add a lot of functions, but now it’s easier to add things.

Molegato shows two interesting scripts: Item Fragments and Side/Top Characters. Interesting.

Kread gives an Item charger. Well it’s an strange script, but its cool.

Nessiah Draws a Noah :O Oh no-ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

And N00b gives RM Wars comic.

Of course there are more, just check the sites.

See ya!


Battleback Manager appeared!

Do you like to change your battleback when you are over a region or terrain_tag

This script lets you to do that easier than normal. It works with ANY battle system, or it should.

I don’t usually take request, but my friend Orochii gives it and it was quite easy to use.

I know, at the moment all my scripts are visual… u.u I will give gameplay style scripts when an idea comes into my mind…

The report is:

Mitchi gives to all of us an sprite outliner. I prefer to outline manually on my style, but this is great for a cartoony looking games.

Molegato releases Lateral Characters. If you let me answer, it reminds me Paper mario games.

Yami will release another CTB. Wow, curious.

N00b keep writting about the current games. it reminds me the “Bahamut, Bahamut, Bahamut, Curaja” starategy(where possible)

“That” Infamous Bon Bon releases another tutorial. his tutorials are great, unless you are lazy…

See ya!

Some updates to all

Now the selection can be choosed as an add-on, this menas MORE compatibility.

From version 2.0 to version 3.0 of the RBS, I’ll be more slow in adding features, I will focus now in making the core more lightweight and add features with add-ons.

So this will lead to more small updates, but a big number of add-ons.

REMEMBER: you can use almost any of the add-ons on the default battle system.

Well I have a VERY small update about Lost Feathers.

I finished my actor’s walking sprite:

Maybe it's not any style arround here, but that makes it more unique I think.

On the world there are many news:

Yami says that Tankentai is almost compatible with CTB. OMG!. Maybe Enu is rewriting tankentai? Or it was just plain luck? Poor Yami anyway…

Yanfly gives to use A way to expose the enemies! This script is helpful for people that wanted to make complex systems in the game, and to not give players a headache memorizing enemy stats.

Craze gives the Extra enemy actions script. I remember Golden sun bosses, having… 3 ACTIONS in a turn, well this script recreats that (or even worst bosses)

Mitchi.exe gives a nice Battler Sprite, a shifter.

Also is giving an episode of Guilty Clown.

Molegato enters the arena with a Sudden Death script, do you like the idea to have shorter battles? THIS IS FOR YOU!

RBS 2.0 is now here.

Your bones will turn dust!

RBS is still debugging, it should be 2.0 BETA, but anyway all the scripts are updated, even the configuration file.


Because there is a BIG change.

Damage popups are not incluyed anymore on the System.

They now are another ADD ON. Meaning that you can use them EVEN if you are not using the RBS.

Because not all in the world is Remove or change, you may want to know something new, and here it is. This is another battle add on “Extra collapse effects” Now, you can try more effects for bosses, and stop falling in the repetitive like of only 3 kinds of collapse effects.

Yanfly relases the Buff State Manager, now buffs are really more that normal buffs.

Mitchi draws the atention with his new sprite.

Kread gives to us many ways to control EXP. They add great gameplay effects.

Molegato releases the Basimple battle system. It reminds jet’s system because it has a lot of simplicity, but don’t be bad with him, he is new on the scripting world.

RBS now Comes at 1.9!

RBS is at 1.9 now. The pictures now are corrected to screen chnages (so remeber that if you want to display a picture at half size and your camera is at 200% you may leave the option as “25” in the zoom.

All of the scripts are updated, but only to include de FreeBSD license.

Except the classes, they solved the picture issue.

On the World, here are the news:

Yanfly gives to us another lunatic object package Give ‘n’ Take.

Molegato shows up a new comic CRITICAL! miss… Perfect to MMO users.

N00b, just says to all of us the truth.

The infamous Bon Bon, gives an interesting thread to think. Growing up  8 bits.

Evil Eagles gives some tilesets.

See ya!

Let’s See your Combo!

Sure, it's usefull if you want to keep track on the damage done.

 Combo Window is a new add-on of my battle system.

Remember even if it is an RBS-Add on it will work on the default battle system.

How do I make HP & MP Damage with the same skill? CHECK!

Also the RBS is updated to 1.8, now you don’t need any patch to run with YEA.

it runs “natively”, thanks imported, thanks.

And some compatibility with YEA is improved:

Now supporting… LUNATIC DAMAGE. So yes, you can now make custom damages with YEA’s traditional and crazy style!

Also… LUNATIC OBJECTS So now you can become crazy, man!

Remember, there is a world out of here:

Yanfly releases the Elemental Popup. Color-coding your life for a better experience!

N00b puts this entry, personally both gameplay AND history counts.

But well, not all the people thinks so…

See ya!

Another update to RBS

RBS is 1.7 now!

And there are a great update: Looping sequences.

Now you can apply animations when characters are under some states.

There are many news on RM World, let just check them:

Azure Cosmos now posts Pacman’s scripts.

Bubz gives more and more Patches.

Remember the Configuration file is updated also.

If you want to update it without changes add the following sequence in your “Default sequences”

# called when the actor is selecting something.
<sequence:action selection>

See ya guys!

Lost Feathers and Me

Why I put this? well I wanted to talk a bit about my own experience with the RPG Makers.

There is a game that I couldn’t ever finish, but always wanted.

What game? Lost Feathers.

What’s about? A mix of… well evangelion, shin megami tensei and final fantasy, some kind of that.

With a touch of paper mario in the battle system.

What, do you have a demo?

No, I really never could start a demo of that game.


Just because It will be my first and only game made entirely by myself, and I wanto to be as unique as possible.


By making all custom, The battle system (the RBS is a kind of reminiscence of Lost Feathers)

A custom menu (yes, like all the games… that’s not difficult anyway)


Special music

You know, like a normal indie game made with flash, but a bit more professional.

Ok ok, The notices is that I never lose track of that idea, and I always return with that crazy idea of making it.

Here there are some sprites that I’m planning to use:

This is ME!, I wish I were the same on RL... LOL

This sprite is about my character, well Yes, The history takes up with all my friends, you know, a gamer’s normal dream, right?

YES, you are right, his clothes remains the clothes of a Withe Mage but… in a modern fashion…

The inspiration comes from white mages and Roxas from kingdom hearts.

Well I’m posting it for three reasons:

FIRST, I want to show to all of you that I even I help with others and I don’t ask resources I want to make a game with the RPG maker.

SECONDLY, to ask all of you, do you still plan to make a game using custom resources, is it viable for you?

LASTLY, do you like this style? Yes, Do you think it can be used on a modern-time game like Mother?

BTW, Why don’t you check arround the word? there are great news for all of us:

Yanfly Releases the MEMO event window, in my opinion it’s useful I liked it, and I planned to make it in my games, Yanfly won, flawless victory. xD

Bubz gives to us a list of all of the patches. Seriously, They are good.

(OMG I confess that being Spanish I hate that english doesn’t have “tacit subject” and with people that I don’t know the gender I don’t want to call them “it” and I can’t simply omit it)

Nessiah gives new Monster portraits, I’m still looking why the death has that face…

N00b gives to us a bunch of comics everyday. Listing all of them is kind of a pain, but… READ THEM, seriously.

PS: you didn’t think I could make my own sprites, well SURPRISE, I’m a box full of them :D! ( ? )

Joking, joking…

PS2: For all the people that uses the old banner:

it seems to have problems so please, would you mind to change it for the new one?

The banner of the blog..



Coming up next: SLOPES

Well, I’m updating some news here:

Sure, the angle is not a must, you may deactivate it.

ing a bit of my work with molegato, today we get the total control of ground and aerial characters (manual control, AI is still in non-existence)

And there are… SLOPES. Yup, now you can make that stairs like castlevania games without the problem of making it with normal rectangles.

Of course, the system is still in development, but the movement fits pretty good.

On the world:

Yanfly realases a new Status menu, Great, more information, more options, cooler, do you still want more?

Yami releases the CTB system! I loved CTB, the best battle style in my opinion.

Nessiah give us some Naia works. Nicer than nice as always.

Victor gives to all of us his own custom animated battlers. The good part is is easier to use than RBS on some things. GREAT!

There is a great and funny blog, believe me, Rage Guy Noob is great.

See ya!

Here comes a new Challenger!

Hello there guys,

Molegato opened his personal blog, it’s still new, but it’s great to get a friend here.

He makes stuff like Nessiah, but well you know, sometimes he will also post an script, and it’s not focused on RTP.

Don’t hear him, he can script well, only he needs a bit of more practice with objects, he is more like the ‘ol’ style programming’ (in part is because he knows a lot of GML)

BTW I updated a lot, and bugfixed another part of the RBS.

You may read the comments too if you want a deeper explanation.

I’m happy that a lot of people actually are testing this system (maybe because it has high  compatibility?)

Oh, I almost forget to Thanks Yami. Yami is making a great effort to test my battle system and I think there are a lot of people actually trying to mix it)

Thanks to that My script is getting better with all the bug reports!

On other part of the world, we have this:

Yanfly now made the ACE Save Engine, I think exactly than YF with that, the save slots were quite simple.

But no more with this engine.

Yami is making more Lunatic formulas for all of us. I think that being lunatic is not insane in this cases.

Nessiah gives a lot of updates. I love Nessiah’s work, and I admit it D:!(And the knowledge of evangelion/ possibly many anime series and videogames)

See Ya!