Ramiro + RMVXA = ♥

Ramiro's script collection for ACE!


Here you will See all my Scripts made than are not part of the Battle System.





  1. I’m sorry if I missed it somewhere else, but are your scripts free for use on Commercial and Non-commercial games. Just for future reference (I’m no where close to making a commercial game, I have to finish a non-commercial game before I’ll consider that).

    • Yes I’ll add a terms of use page someday.
      At the moment my scripts are freely to use/modifiy
      . It’s a common BSD licence. So you can modify the code, just only igive credits.
      But if your pc launches a nuclear missile that would destroy the world with my code is not MY fault, lol.

      • Cool. I tend to recommend scripts more if they are free to use. I figure its really worth it to learn these because if one day the person decides to make a commercial game they don’t have to relearn a free script or write their own. Basically all the time they spent learning the script isn’t wasted.

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