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Mother 3 Status Style

Yes, when you are selecting something the window will show the actor.

Download script Here.

This screen will take some visuals just like Mother 3.

Lest see some features:

When an actor is going to interact, it will jump from the window.

Animations will be displayed over the window… There isn’t any magic.

When your characters are wak, why don’t you actually try to see?

Of course, more characters actually mean more windows…

Inspired in Devil Survivor, when a characters covers other the windows will move!



  1. Stephen

    Ahh, epic! Mother 3, good game!

    • N00B

      More like the best game ever 😀

  2. Digger

    I love those games ❤
    I really liked the rolling damage numbers that the original game has.
    I finally found another one so I can play it all the time!

    • oh, the rolling numbers are not a feature on this hud (at least, not now)
      If I made the rolling numbers I would add it as an add on.
      Also I thought a way to make the “Rythm combo system” quite easy…
      Still I can’t do it automatically reading the sound I don’t know too mutch of how to get that and it’s crazy to do that in RGSS anyway(quite impossible)…

      • Kylepotato

        Hmm.. maybe you could put in a bar and if you put it in at the right time, you get 1 combo. As you go along it goes faster and faster. Just an idea~

  3. Do it need another script to use? because it gives me an error:
    Script ‘Ramiro – Mother3 Visuals’ line 790: NameError ocurred.
    undefined local variable or method ‘setup_popups’ for

    • oops my bad. Fixed!

      • Oda

        Oh, well, the pop up error is fixed but…
        Script ‘Ramiro – Mother3 Visuals’ line 434: NoMethod Error ocurred.
        undefined method ‘each’ for nil:NilClass.
        Why? (O_____O)// (TT____TT)

      • Are you using another status windows/YEA.
        If you are using another status window, please considerer deleting it…
        If you are using YEA paste YEA above this script.
        If you are using other thing that may influence on the battle, try to paste the script as last (before main)
        Anyways, I updated the script to evade that problem (but it’s a problem that shouldn’t be…

      • Oda

        Well, it works now, Can I talk to you in spanish?
        Funciona bien ahora, solo que en determinados momentos se ve el personaje en coordenadas diferentes antes de aparecer sobre la ventana de estado, son solo frames pequeños(1 o 2 frames a lo más), pero creo que es molesto a la vista.
        Este pequeño detalle se muestra cuando atacas y recibes daño.
        De todos vale, y tu script esta bastante bueno(Por otro lado, no usaba scripts de Yanfly, utilizaba scripts de Kread-EX XD)…Muchas gracias por la disposición.

      • Si es algo que tengo que ver porque…

  4. Garge

    I’ll say as well that the actors bouncing around the bottom of the screen can be distracting and annoying. I hope that it is easily fixable in a future update as this script adds a nice touch to both the DBS as well as the DBS w/ Yanfly’s scripts.

  5. Garge

    There’s a conflict that arises when you use both this script and Yanfly’s Ace Battle Engine (http://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/battle-scripts/ace-battle-engine/). The problem causes the actor’s, and presumably the enemies’, windows not to refresh until the end of the turn, therefore not showing proper hp/mp/tp and status effects when they are applyed or removed.

    • That’s how actually the battle system works by default.
      refreshing constantly the status window will causa lag anyway…

      • Garge

        I’m going to clarify what I meant in the post above. When using just the default dbs, with no scripts, when an actor preforms an action, say casting a status effect on himself with MP as the cost, when that is done, his screen is updated with the status icon as well as a corresponding reduction in the bar and numerical listing for his MP. When I mentioned the windows not refreshing until the end of the turn, I was referring to the end of everyone’s turn, all actors and all enemies, not just the end of their individual actions. When using either Yanfly’s ABE or your Mother 3 style battle script, the windows still update properly, as they do in a clean project. It’s not until the combination of both scripts that the updating gets lost between them.

      • Quite strange but now it’s solved. and the “Characters not in the window in a frame” is fixed also.

      • Garge

        Awesome, works wonderfully now. Thanks for your hard work on this.

  6. Hey man, awesome script. I got two questions though.

    1. After the battle ends, the bottom window text from Yanfly’s Victory Aftermath is pushed to the top of the screen, behind the victory screen. Is there any way you can fix this?

    2. Can we use this in commercial games?

    Thanks in advance.

    • The first I’ll take a look on it.
      The second this script is under the BSD license, so you can use it on comertial games or even change the code, use it on comertial games, or wharever you like.

      • DreamerGuy

        Love the script!
        Also interested in how to fix that one little glitch with Yanflys Aftermath too ^^;.

      • Ok, script updated, just set “always on top” in the configurations (the first lines of the screen) as false and it will work.

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  8. Dalyn

    Hi I love the scirpt but I have a question. I am pretty useless when it comes to scripting on my own but, I was wondering if there was a way to change the view of the sprite in the window? What I mean by that is can I change it from the front of the character sprite to the back view instead? Any help is greatly appreciated.

  9. Can you make compatible with those script ?
    Jet anim battler
    Yanfly battle Engine

    Because I just love the animation when they cover a mate 😉

    • why would i make an ANIMATED BATTLE SYSTEM compatible with AN ANIMATED BATTLE SYSTEM?
      And it words with YEA…

  10. Ned

    Love the script! When I try to escape from battle I get an error in line 673: NoMethodError occurred. “undefined method ‘status_window’ for #”

    • Yeah, I’m getting the same error. I’m also using YEA, by the way.

      • Sorry for the long waiting, FIXED!

  11. Sorry, new (graphical) error.

    When an actor’s HP goes to 0, and is revived, the actor’s
    sprite is red instead of going back to normal. Is there anyway you
    can fix this? Thanks in advance!

    • yes, I solved it a time ago, but forgot to post… FIXED!

  12. Tom Cat

    I make it move to the upper part, and want you to arrange the window in a right end horizontally.

  13. Bane

    I’m new to RPG Maker VX Ace (I’ve used XP before) and I need help figuring out how to install scripts like this one. Please help.

  14. Hola Ramiro, perdóname una cosa.

    Estoy totalmente enamorado de tu sistema de batalla, y me encantaría usarlo, pero hay un pequeño problema cuando lo uso junto con el Victor Engine – Multi Frames, claro, sale el chara cortado. ¿Es posible hacer algo para solventar ese error?

    Mil gracias por tu atención.

    • No respondo mucho pero lo dire facil.
      Para que queres charas animados cuando el sistema ya lo soporta por defecto?

  15. Hey Ramiro, another bug again. Sorry. 😦

    When an actor dies, every turn the actor stays die, the ‘death’
    sound effect plays. Also, when the actors pop out of the windows,
    it always seems random.

    Example: battle starts, everyone is out of the window.
    Second turn, actor dies and is revived, but doesn’t pop out
    On the command screen like everyone else does.

    It’s not game breaking, but it is somewhat annoying.
    Can you update this, please? Thanks in advance!

  16. Jack

    Is there anyway I can make this work with an SBS like Symphony by Yanfly?

    • No, and it doesn’t have any sense after all…

  17. It errors Script ‘BattleManager’ line 53:NameError occurred.

    undefined methos ‘process_victory’ for class ‘Module’

  18. Mike
  19. Is there any way you could make it so that it can use the actor face image instead of the actor overworld sprite?

  20. Trak

    Something weird happened when I was using this script.The game kinda crashed after I ran from a battle while the damage was scrolling. The Error said:

    “Script ‘Mother3 Add-ON (HP Scrolling)’ line 131: NoMethodError occured,

    undifined method for ‘subject’ for #

  21. Lost

    LInk Off

  22. James

    The link is gone 😦

    • fixed, but I Don’t know why it was deleted from dropbox…

  23. megamatt215

    Every time I go into battle, I keep getting an error message that says “Script ‘Mother3 Visuals’ line 678: TypeError occured. nil can’t be coerced into Fixnum” How do I fix this?

  24. Weston Welch

    How many actors does the system accept? Up to 5, or just 4?


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