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Ramiro's script collection for ACE!

Ramiro’s Battle Engine (RBS)

The first screenshot of RBS

Me using a potion, isn't it nice?

This is the RBS’s main page, welcome to the animated battle system for VXA !

If you want to know hoy to use it, please check the Manual.

You can Download the Script here:

Configuration File

Classes File

Actions File

YEA Compatibility File (For YEA Users – Not needed from version 1.8 and better)

Or just grab the DEMO (Not abailible untill RMVXA comes in English)

For bug report and suggestions: Please comment here.

It still needs some testin before the release, and I still need to finish the manual so.

Remeber if you want to know ANYTHING about the system and it’s not in the manual, you can post here, I’ll add another page without problems.

See ya!



  1. PClaydon

    shame there seams to be compatibility issues with yanflys scripts

  2. error in the Classes file, line 881
    I do not need to add your scripts to work >.<

    • I didn’t read all the YEA scripts, lease if you can go deeper in detail (like, what YEA script makes the error) I’ll post a fix.

      • no, if my problem is with your scripts which do not work for me.
        I did not add any other script before
        PS: you speak Spanish?

      • Yes I do.
        It’s not possible, did you add them on materials section in this order:
        – Configurations
        – Classes
        – Actions

  3. UltimaSasuke

    I would like a démo please, because i am french and i don’t understand all. Thanks.

  4. Wachuflame2

    Where are the demo is very dificult to use without demo
    (Excuse me for my Lenguage i am spanish)

    • La demo no va ser lanzada hasta que salga la versión oficial del RMVX Ace, trato de ser legal… (Eso si se entiende, no?)
      The demo will not be released untill VX ace comes into a “universal release”

  5. dartdaman

    i have a suggestion you should make an active time battle add-on and a ranged weapon add-on were the character shoots a projectile instead of moving closer to attack

    • I won’t mak and ADD-ON, you can personalize any action of the system…
      Just set the sequence to the ranged weapons (just check the shuriken to get an idea)
      The idea of this system is not to fall in the “vanilla tankentai style”

      • About ATB: atb add on is not neccesary, this is not like tankentai, this system SHOULD work well with other ATB like Yami’s you may try it and if it doesn’t work well i’ll make a patch…

  6. Wachuflame2

    alguien sabe como puedo hacer que cuando haga una habilidad(skill) ¿no una magia….
    el personaje se acerque al enemigo al igual que cuando atacas? (odio que cuando hago una skill el tio ataca de lejos queda poco verdadero)

    por cierto como puedo hacer que un enemigo sea estatico y un personaje animado
    he puesto esto
    (con la intencion de usar los charas por defecto de los personajes)
    # the number of poses that the standart battles have
    DefaultPoses = 4
    # the number of frames that the standart battles have
    DefaultFrames = 3
    pero me salen animados todos los sprites incluso los batelrs de los enemigos en la base de datos y se me ve raro me e visto obligado a utilizar charas para los batelrs tambien y solo quiero usar charas para los enemigos con forma humana

  7. Hello Ramiro
    I have a doubt/request (sorry if my english is bad, i’m from Brazil)
    One of my characters is an archer, and when she (it’s a girl) attacks the enemy, it’s like she’s using the bow to hit him. Do you know how to make an arrow (i have the image) moving to the target instead of the character when the weapon is a bow?

    • if you want to make a throw of a picture from a point to another, you may use the Picture comands, check them on the manual, they are a bit complex to explain on a comment, but I give you a little brief about how to make it, basicalle you may use “show pic” then a “move pic ex” in 1 frame to the user, wait 1 frame and then move with “move pic ex” that picture to the target, you can also make an animation for the arrow (if it’s an aniation) showing it with “anime pic” you may see also how the shuriken animation is made, its a good reference for the picture showing, moving and displaying.

  8. Wachuflame2

    la verdad esque la posibilidad de que haya arqueros y atacantes a distancia en el script es algo cojonudo ,con eso y con la posibilidad de equipar armas a los enemigos seria PERFECTO(almenos para mi)xd

    • Entre eso y que es 99% compatible con todo script ajeno a mi (de autores como Yanfly, Yami, Kread-Ex, Modern Algebra, etc) hacen que el script tenga un gran build-in.
      Los enemigos soportan armas, donde X es el id del arma si mal no recuerdo, son tantas cosas que vienen “en el paquete” que hasta yo tengo que consultar el manual…

  9. Wachuflame2

    por cierto siento la molestia del tutorial…. es que no me di cuenta de que estab muchas gracias por resolver mi duda.

  10. dartdaman

    When Yanfly’s Ace Battle Engine is used with your battle system it causes the fight, escape window not to appear properly during battle

    • If you put YF scripts before, and all the rest, well that is not incompatibility by me, the system alliases methods, but I think it’s a bug in battle styles…

      • BUGFIXED anyway, I did the best I could.

  11. Wachuflame2

    pues tienes mucha razon podrias explicarme mejor eso de de los enemgos con armas donde esta (x) y donde tengo que ponerlo en que parte del script?

    • Ninguna, es una tag que va en las notas del enemigo NADA salvo las configuraciones son algo que deberias tocar…

  12. dartdaman

    i have found another bug when used with the ace battle engine the target cursor doesn’t show

    • No, its not a bug really, when you are using YEA, my target selection is automatically disabled(to protecto compatibility to changes from YEA) to freely use YEA’s own cursor system, you may make changes to YEA cursor in order to get the cursor you want, and If yea doesn’t support cursors, you may use Kread-ex’s system.
      There are a lot of features disabled from RBS in order to protect YEA’s engine, like the LogWIndow don’t take the options, use YEA’s in that case.

  13. dartdaman

    just a question what are all of the features that are disabled from RBS to work with YEA

    • Well they are not too many of them:
      1- the cursor is disabled from RBS, using YEA’s cursor.
      2- The popup it’s not disabled, but you MUST disable YEA’s popup if you want to use my popup system, you can’t use both (it sounds weird)
      3- the log window is not controlld by RBS anymore, YEA takes rid of that (the good part is that YEA’s control over the log window is BETTER)
      Remeber this the “LOG” command still works.
      4 – Coperation skills works but ONLY with the traditional turn based system, I don’t know if it can work with other, depends on the battle type.(They don’t work at the moment in ATB for example)
      5 – The command window is a bit different when YEA is present. You can still use The YEA’s status window whitout any problem.
      – All commands work, and all means ALL.
      – The system is fully animated, it may have issues, but it dependes o the battle type rather than the YEA compatibility.
      – Battlebacks have issues with big resolutions(that’s a thing that I’ll explain better other day)

  14. Wachuflame2

    no es por nada pero sigo sin entendetr lo de los enemigos nose si va en comentarios nose si va en el script en arma o que pero yo lo que quiero es que el enemigo emvaine el icono de las armas que he creado en mi base de datos…..se pueder hacer???

  15. Griffith

    There is a small bug, when you try to transform an enemy it will work fine, but the graphic isn’t updated.
    Also, if you change an actor graphic the battler isn’t updated either, I know that it isn’t a bug– but that would be a good change. This would be useful since the actor’s battler graphic is (by default) based off of their character graphic name.

    • FIXED!, Thanks for the report.
      You can change the actor’s battler graphic with the following scrit call:
      $game_actors[actor id].battler_name = “Battler name with quotes”
      So it’s not a big deal after all.

      • Griffith

        Excellent, I just tried that– correct me if I’m wrong, but that doesn’t seem to change the graphic. I think the graphic needs to be updated after that call? How would I do that?

      • It should be updated when you automatically transforms the enemy…
        or the actor’s current graphic.
        Did you put the latest version of RBS in the folder?
        Copy and paste the Clases again if you still have problems…

      • Griffith

        Nevermind, you’re right that worked perfectly! I’ll be sure to report anymore bugs as I find them because I’m experimenting a lot with your battle system right now!

      • That’s the idea, xD I would test it by myself, but you know, a person can’t know ALL the bugs and issues alone…
        Thanks for taking that effort.

  16. Oscar92player

    Hola, me he dejado pasar por aquí y he visto las funcionalidades del script y todo, pero mirando y mirando, todavía sigo sin caer en una cosa: cuando uso magias, es normal que el personaje se quede quieto en su sitio, pero cuando hago una habilidad de ataque físico, el caso es que igualmente el personaje se queda quieto, y me gustaría saber de qué modo puedo hacer que ciertas habilidades se comporten como magias, y otras se comporten como ataques físicos.


    • Aplicandole secuencia a secuencia a cada habilidad, por favor lee el manual todo eso se encuentra explicado…

  17. Griffith

    Small Bug (I think):
    Setting the “character_index” to anything doesn’t change the graphic of the battler. Basically, that property on the battler doesn’t seem to work. I’ve tried setting it to “attack” in the “” pose and having a battler with the (charactername)_attack and still the original (charactername) graphic is used.

    Small Issue (I’m certain):
    The update of the battler graphic that now occurs more often as a result of your last update causes a drop in the frame rate of the battle scene even if the battle scene is idle. The drop in fps is even higher when players are choosing actions, abilities are being used, and due to the atb system. I think it’s redrawing the graphic too often unfortunately :(.

    • Griffith

      Sorry, I didn’t mean it’s redrawing the graphic too often, I meant it’s researching/relocating the a graphic too often.

      • It’s normal that, just set the charactername_attack[frames,poses] (yes always the part of frames/poses at the end)
        About the other: only 1 FPS, wow, not bad, on my pc the default battle system runs at 30 FPS on this crap pc…
        I’ll check how to stop that FPS “delay” (oh, come on, just 1 FPS… it won’t kill you) for the moment, stick for new releases…

      • BTW: FIXED, Now it changes less often and provides a definitive fix I think.
        FIXED the problem with not recognizing the “attack” sprite

      • Griffith

        Yep, the recognizing of a non-default character index is solved! Great, now I can use multiple battler sheets! 30 fps for the default? Wow…that’s pretty bad, lol I get 60 with the dbs, but I do have a good computer. I don’t use the ATB myself, so I don’t NEED a fix for it lol. However, I’m sure it would be nice for other people, also I figured you might like a detailed report. So here is a report on the fps during different circumstances (with your latest version):

        RBS – Turn-Based :
        Idle, Selecting Action – 59-60 fps
        Performing Action – 55 (Immediately DROPS upon using an action)
        Conclusion: Really good performance

        RBS – ATB-Based:
        Idle, Selecting Action – 20-30 fps
        Performing Action – 55 (Immediately RISES upon using an action)
        Conclusion: I used Yami’s ATB for the test. I can safely say that it’s the ATB’s fault, since the fps goes UP when the atb gauge isn’t being updated.

        I would definitely say that the system passed the performance check, I ran the test with 8 enemies and 6 actors and it barely slowed down at all for the turn based system! Really impressive. I hope my report helps, if anything to show how powerful this engine is!

        PS: Do you want me to start posting my reports (bug and other) somewhere else? It takes up a lot of space, xD. For now, I’m gonna go look for more bugs :p.

      • Thanks again, you don’t really need another space, well, I could make a page somewhere else, I am thinking if is there an option to make writters of only a page (and I set up to you a page about the bug list)
        Anyway if you find bugs you may use comments at the moment.
        I’m a bit new in wordpress still.

  18. Wachuflame2

    gracias por tu ayuda con lo de los enemigos Ramiro

  19. Griffith

    Small Bug Found: Defend doesn’t work, the state isn’t applied at all.

    • It’s not really a bug, it’s just the defend sequence is not defined at all.
      You have 2 options here:
      OPTION 1:
      Just go to the configuration file and add the command damage; on the guard animation(or if you want other commands also)
      OPTION 2:
      You can define an actor/class/weapon’s defense animation adding the guard sequence…

      Both methods works, and you can solve in both ways.

      • Griffith

        Ahh, ok– you’re right silly me. I just kind of assumed that you had set it all set up. I’ll be MUCH more careful with my bug reports from now. I have to apologize for that, it was a newb moment.

        I actually did look at the command to see what was wrong, but I thought that if it didn’t have any sequence that it would still carry out the effect, which makes no sense– since the “damage;” command is the thing that actually allows the effect to process.

      • Don’t worry too mutch, It was my falut to not add that on the configurations, the file is updated anyway, now it should work for new downloaders.

  20. dartdaman

    i found a compatibility problem with Yanfly’s Party System when you change the max battle members i changed the max to 3

    • What’s the problem exactly ?
      It shouldn’t make any…. MORE if you LOWER the size, and not add more members…

      • dartdaman

        i found the exact problem compatibility problem is with your status window but the error pops up on Yanfly’s battle engine the error i get is
        Script ‘YEA Battle Engine’ line 1859: NoMethod Erroroccured.
        undefined method ‘current_action’ for nil:NilClass

      • Solved Issues on status window!

  21. What to do to have MULTIPLE attack skills? For example when I select No of hits in database I want skill to hit two times, while it hits only once……… Please make an example notetags!

    • Griffith

      Are you using a skill or just the regular attack? In any case, all you have to do to have skills with multiple hits show up is add this to the “attack” (or “skill”) sequence:

      wait: 30;

      Just read the manual for further information on how to make “sequences”.

      • It didn’t help… I put it in the notetag, and it doesn’t add additional attack. Here is how it looks:

        Please make at least one screenshot of how it goes…

      • Oh i get it now! It’s pretty easy 🙂 That battle system is just awesome!

      • Griffith

        Right yeah, you were almost there– you just needed the start and end tags. I’m glad you got it working though!

  22. Griffith

    Bug: When adding the “Additional Attacks” trait to an actor/enemy, the RBS doesn’t reflect the change properly. The problem is that if you add more “damage;” commands to the sequence for an attack, it will always hit that many times. So you can’t really add a dynamic amount of attacks.

    • It’s not really a bug, I leave it that way.
      This option is disabled because you may need to configure each hit in an animation.
      You know that the skill “dual attack” is made by setting the number of attacks by two.
      if you want to repeat the sequence of slashing a sword you may use a repeat block like
      repeat: 2;
      things you want to repeat

      if you know ruby, using this is by far better, for example you want an action to ocurr between from 1 to 5 times you may set something like “repeat: rand(5) + 1;”
      So yes you can add a dynamic number of hits in your sequences if you mean dynamic by “a random number” you can also use a variable: v[ variable id ] just like damage sequences on the default rpg maker vx a.
      Do you still want more? why not try to set a.luk, it will make the action repeat as many times af the user’s luk stat.
      Yo, really, you can make REALLY dynamic sequences.

      • Griffith

        Ahh, I see what you mean. I read the manual and found all that stuff, but I didn’t think of using it in THAT way. I just tried making the default attack based on how many “additional attacks” the actor can inflict. I managed to make the effect repeat the desired number of times, however– it would inflict the damage “all at once” each time. I’m guessing some change would be required, since I know that when using a skill “additional attacks” the engine would prevent all the attacks from being inflicted each “damage;” call.

        I hope you understand what I mean, because I didn’t explain it the best…but I still think it’s kind of broken, lol. I guess to make it work we would need a an option for the “damage;” command that would restrict it from applying the attack multiple times at once?

      • True, that’s why I’m not applying it.
        It just like yami’s CTB with breaking the aditional action trait.
        It’s ot because you don’t neet to use it, or would kill the script’s core in that attempt.

      • Griffith

        Alright, I guess you’re right. It’s not really necessary. However, it would still be nice if the script prevented the problem from occurring by using only the first action, maybe for us users to have as for us in our own custom way. What do you think?

  23. Wachuflame2

    oye ramiro si puedes y no te s muy dificil necesito un comentario hecho de arco para las habilidades de mis personajes para ponerselo de etiqueta al arco e intentado hacerlo de modulo que dejaste para personalizar armas y habilidades en el ejemplo del shuriken pero no me funciona nose si tengo que ponerlo en comentarios del arma o ke, me da errores… y creo ke no lo hago ben nsikiera coloco bien el suriken tambien me da error si puedes hacerme el modulo de arco, y explikarme donde colocarlo para ke el arma sea distancia me harias un gran favor.

  24. Wachuflame2

    con dificil keria decir pesado xd

  25. New Error! I made “Blood Sword” skill (skill that just absorbs HP), and when it attacks enemy, before damaging it, message shows up with error on 2nd part of the script at line 3102:
    user.popup_hp -= @result.hp_drain

    • of course, FIXED! also, YEA compatibility is updated as well.

  26. Wachuflame2

    si puedes y tienes un momento por favor ,explikame como puedo hacer que un arma sea a distancia si esque se puede… y como puedo hacer que determinada habilidad funcione con una animacion de ataque en lugar de que se quede el tio y desde lejos haga un corte fantasma xd (ten en cuenta que soy español y mi ingles no es demasiado bueno como para
    comprender bien los tutoriales ademas de eso los traductores no traducen literalmente)

    • Perdon va contra mi politica de hacer “secuencias plantilla”
      Para eso podes usar el tankentai… o espera a que salga la demo.
      El rpg maker vx ace aun no salio de todas formas…

  27. dartdaman

    i added the updated scripts to my project and now there is the idle jumping and i don’t like it that much is there something i can do to stop the idle jumping

  28. Delethe the “Move” command on the STAND sequence in the default sequence section…(Configuration File)

  29. Wachuflame2

    ¿entonces la plantilla del shuriken no viene hecha?

    • SI, y tambien hay una de “dual attack” por ahi…
      Y la del shuriken no funciona porque cuando copias de wordpress en las notas se pasa como `user´ en esos casos hay que cambiar los textos que digan `texto´ por ‘texto’ y funcionan.
      El shuriken no es una plantilla, es para que te des una idea de como hacer algo…

  30. Griffith

    Great updates! I really like the combo system too, I was going to make my own but you beat me to it!

    I think I found a small bug: When the “move pic ex” command is used, the SAME use of the command a second time will show the picture in a different place. This applies even when you use the sequence (with that command) twice in a row (the picture shows up in a different place, with the same settings: offsets, and target).

    You can try this by simply using the item command twice with the configurations from your settings.

    • You may need to move the picture to other place using a move pic/move pic ex with a time of 1 frame delay.
      This system doesn’t change the movement of pictures, just calls the pictures from the rmvx’s default engine.(yes, the one you call with a “show picture” command in the event command list)
      if you want to set them to other place. move them again first.
      I did this on the item sequence, and it worked:

      • Griffith

        No, I think you misunderstood. What I meant was that I DID use the default sequence, I didn’t change it at all. I used an item twice in a row, and the second time the item was drawn in a different place than the first time.

        Just try using an item twice in a row and look at the difference between the locations of the drawn items and you’ll see what I mean :).

      • I used the item eight times in a row(using the extra turn command) with a full party and I could’t recreate the error.
        If you use the item with different character, it’s normal to be drawn in other place, it’s on the user’s hands.

      • Griffith

        Err, sorry lol. Not in row, in that sense, I just meant if you tried to use the item once. Then when your turn comes up again, you use the item again. Actually, the graphic works fine that way that you mentioned, it only gets messed up when you start a new turn altogether.

        Try this: Use an item, let the enemy use their turn, then use another item. You should see that the item of the icon that is displayed is not in the same place it was last time.

        xD, I can’t believe I’m having so much trouble explaining something so simple–blah I fail.

      • Are you sure that you are using the RBS 1.8 ?
        Because I’m trying and trying to recrete the bug and I waste 50 potions trying xD

      • (and Hi potions…)
        (and Max potions…)
        (and 10 Ethers) LOL

      • Griffith

        Lol, Hmm…alright maybe it wasn’t my explanation. Yes I’m using 1.8, I updated the classes file, the actions file, and the config file (and got rid of the compatibility patch). It might be some sort of compatibility conflict…hmm. What I’ll do is just make a video/screenshot series, because apparently it’s just me with the problem. I’ll have that done either tonight, or tomorrow.

      • yes, that would help.
        For the compatibility issues, just say them, I’ll check them also.

      • Griffith

        Ah-HA! There’s no need for a video or anything. I’ve managed to get to the bottom of the problem. The issue is a compatibility one, and it’s between YF’s Core Engine, and the Battle System. Specifically (but can occur without it, read further), the bug ONLY occurs if you change the default resolution to something different (I used 640×480). Then every second turn (and after that) pictures will show up in the wrong place.

      • Lol sure you will have compatibility issues with the battlebacks also.
        I know that when you cnahnge the resolution some problems will arrise, bt that ins’t possible.
        REALLY. unless the command “Show picture” from the DEFAULT scripts ahave any inffluence with the screen’s current width (it doesn’t)
        But i’ll check the bug carefully anyway.

      • FIXED!
        Now pictures will be displayed and updated like the camera.

      • Griffith

        Awesome! I knew you could do it. I know it sounded like there was no way it was possible, but I wouldn’t mislead you :p. I tried to fix the bug myself but unfortunately it was beyond me (I do some scripting…).

      • Yes, I known that since you understood the commands easily.
        (and you teached how to call an actor’s weapon type id, so you are above average)

  31. pinka

    If i want to make a sequence that is used only when the actor has a gun equipped, how should I proceed?

    • Griffith

      If you wanted to do something like that– well I really would hope that you know/learn how to script. If you do, then you just need to use an “if” command to check whether or not the user who is known as “a” has the specified weapon type in their equipment. But, I’m a in generous mood so I’ll give you an example:

      if !$game_actors[1].weapons[0].nil? && $game_actors[1].weapons[0].wtype_id == x

      The x should be replaced with the weapon type of a “gun” in your game. I sincerely recommend that anyone who wants to use anything advanced like this learn to script though, because this battle system can do just about anything– but to make something very customized you’ll have to DIY.

      • pinka

        Thanks a lot for your help! I’ll give it a try.

      • Griffith

        Oh btw, you should replace the game_actors[1] part with the user, who is “a”. So actually it would look like this instead:

        if !a.weapons[0].nil? && a.weapons[0].wtype_id == x

      • If you want to just show a sequence for guns, you may add an “attack sequence” to the gun.
        If your character is dual wield and (or multy wield with YF equip script) both weapon animations are played one after the other.

  32. Wachuflame2

    ¿podrias indicarme si eres tan amable donde se encuentral a pantilla del dual atack?

  33. Wachuflame2

    ya encontre el add on.

  34. Zorger

    Increible, alguien que habla español!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! que alegría!!! xDDD
    me encanta estos scripts, le veo muchisimo futuro!! 😀 sigue asi!!

    • Zorger

      PD: La compatibilidad con los scripts de Yanlfy funciona para todos¿? (Por ejmplo, con los de Area of Effect y estos [de objetivos] y con las formulas [Lunatic Damage, Lunatic States… etc])?

      • En teoria SI.
        La compatibilidad aumenta a medida que pase el tiempo.
        SI ME REPORTAS que uno no anda, para la proxima version del RBS sale la compatibilidad.

      • Zorger

        Valee 😀 Yo los pruebo (tengo todos los de YEA en mi juego… jajajaja)

      • Zorger

        Me surge un error cuando ataca el enemigo:
        ” SystemStackError ocurred.
        stack level too deep”
        Y cuando abro la ventana de los scripts está en la Cache línea 106.
        No lo entiendo T_T (Soy un -noob de scripts.)

  35. ChaosVirus

    Hey ramiro, always checking on your battle system, amm I forgot to post I got an error with this new version and the older version didn’t, after a battle I get an error, ill post it later im not in my lap either my house tell ya later, maybe you can check and see if there’s an easy to find error somewhere. well tell ya later bye

    • Yes it was because there isn’t damage popups in the new version-
      it was solved just like an hour ago ^^

  36. Griffith

    Found another bug :). This time it’s kind of a big one. If you use the “Escape” special ability with an actor to remove just that one actor from battle, the battle graphics disappear for all of the actors (even though only one leaves). Also, the script comes up with various crashes, it depends on what you do next after that happens.

    • Ok, I Solved the problem.
      It was on the default scripts, and was pretty hard.
      but I can finally say… FIXED!
      (and the “characters joining in the middle of the battle” is working too!)

      • Griffith

        Wow, nice fix, congratulations! That was quite a hard one…I tried to see what the problem was but I had no idea because it gave me various different errors each time. Therefore, I couldn’t really trace the source of the problem, otherwise I would have been more helpful in telling you what errors I was getting, xD.

  37. Griffith

    Bug Found: “Hidden” enemies graphics are drawn. Additionally, the revealing of those enemies might not work either, but not sure since I can’t actually hide them.

    • Griffith

      Another bug…sort of: Now that you fixed the actor’s joining in the middle of battle, when you add an actor during turn 0, they will show their “entrance” into the battle, and then they will show it again after the battle officially starts.

      • FIXED!

  38. ChaosVirus

    Weird… im only using yanfly scripts and got this error:
    Classes and modules script II line 2318
    undefined method for ‘[]’ nil:NilClass

    I think it has to be something with the characters placement o.o think you can fix it?
    🙂 just doing my part as tester :p good day ramiro

    • Did you just added the positions of the fifth and (if you have more members) in tha party, it’s not a bug.
      It just you didin’t read the configuration file…

  39. ChaosVirus

    you were right, my bad :/ but where’s that in the instructions, at least it doesn’t say anithing in the script help, well gotta read, I suposse you updated the manuals.
    Thanks anyway 🙂 ill read a little again the manuals

  40. Is there a way to make my battler to turn around when doing attack sequence? I want to make backslash skill, where he goes behind enemy and turns around to hit him. But can’t seem to find a way to make him do that…

    • Griffith

      Yep, just do:

      mirror: target, value
      example| mirror: ‘user’, true

      Make sure to read the manual for more helpful things like that.

  41. Wachuflame2

    Esto tengo un pequeño problema con el script cuando cambio el chara principal de un personaje en batalla aparece el el batler ke tenia anteriormente ¿que puedo hacr para que al cambiar el chara cambie el batler tambien ?

  42. Wachuflame2

    nose si me explikado muy bien pero mi idea es que cuando inicie el juego el personaje aparezca con casco y poco despues el personaje se quitara el casco parak ese le vea la cara y tengo tambien intencion de ke el personaje cambie su armadura etc.. otra pregunta que tengo es… ¿se puede hacer que el script de visual equip de victor funcione dentro de tu batalla ? sde esa forma los charas saldran equipados con el con los objetos ke lleves puestos en batalla tambien si no hay forma de hacrlo compatible con tu sistema de batalla me gustaria almenos saber si puedo hacer algo para cambiar el grafico de mi personaje durante el juego

    • podes cambiar TANTO el battler de un personaje como su hue con las siguientes llamadas de script:
      $game_actors[id del heroe].battler_name = ‘nombre con comillas’
      $game_actors[id del heroe].battler_hue = un nuero entre 0 y 360.
      Y no, no es compatible con el visual equipment de victor.
      Ya que de por si “no soporta” characters.

  43. Wachuflame2

    okey gracias de nuevo

  44. Griffith

    Found a small glitch, that is potentially game ending. The reason I didn’t notice this earlier (since it’s kind of obvious) is because I don’t use this feature, but basically it’s an compatibility error with YF Battle Engine.

    When the battle starts and the “Skip Party Command” option is enabled in the module of the YF Battle Engine, and then the escape key is quickly pressed the party command window becomes active, but you can’t select any options.

    • Doesn’t this bug happend on Yanfly Without RBS?
      Because mine doesn’t change that part, I’ll still take a look on that…

      • Griffith

        Yeah, I noticed that you don’t actually change anything..but no it doesn’t happen without the RBS…I’m clueless as to what the problem is, lol.

  45. Wachuflame2

    oye cuando salga el demo llevara habilidades internas como hacer que un arma sea adistancia en add ons o algo asi? como un arco y una pistola?

  46. Wachuflame2

    por cierto ¿como se hacia el zoom para que un batler tenga un tamaño distinto?
    esque no recuerdo donde estba eso

  47. Wachuflame2

    ¿El rbs es compatible con el script party system y comand party de YANFLY?
    Lo digo porque ami me da error al cambiar los personajes en batalla desaparecen los batlers de los heroes alomejor es por otro script auque solo tengo puestos scripts tuyos y de yanfly

    • estas usando la ultima version del script?
      Si no la estas usando veré que pasa con el party manager…

  48. Wachuflame2

    La ultima version del party changer, si lo descarge ayer mismo de la web ofician de YEAN
    voy aver si es alguna actualizacion de tu rbs

  49. Wachuflame2

    pero el problema lo da el party comand al cambiar el personaje en batalla desaparece el batler en tu sistema de batalla y aparece solo cuando ataca asi como si fuese invisible o algo

  50. Wachuflame2

    E instalado la ultima actualizacion de tu rbs pero ahora todo me da errores nose que hice ni si tengo los scripts bien colocados peor antes no me daba error nada y ahora luchar cinbtra cualquiera de los boss con condicoones especiales que son propias del programa como drenaje o en x turnos realizar un ataque me da errores nose que ha pasado pero
    voy a usar la version anterior porque se me ha estropeado todo el proyecto

  51. Wachuflame2

    Voy a tratar de arreglar los scripts copiando mi proyecto por si pudiera buscarle un orden que no me diese esos errores con la nueva actualizacion y ya te reporto si sige dando error el comand party.

  52. Wachuflame2

    La ultima actualizacion de RBS me da este error systemStack eror ocurred
    Stack level too deep

    por eso no puedo usar la nueva version menos mal que guarde la vieja y mi proyecto pudo repararse…..

    • Si hay un error de system stack no es un script es tu propia pc que causa errores de organizacion de memoria o aplicaste un ciclo infinito…

  53. Wachuflame2

    ¿un ciclo infinito? ¿y como puedo solucionar el problema de mi pc?
    lo sient pero so muy nuevo en estos temas

  54. Wachuflame2

    el orden de los scripts me daba ese error ya esta solucionado gracias unavez mas

  55. Wachuflame2

    em no efectivamente no da ningun error el party command si encuentro algun error o algo te lo reportare pero al momento va todo perfect(era por la actualizacion del rbs supongo)

  56. Is it possible to make bs compatibile with Yanfly Steal script?

  57. Pikzipp

    Making that demo? , English version is finally here.

    • I Don’t have internet so… for a while the site won’t be updated….
      And I’m thinking If a demo is really needed…

  58. kako92

    Awesome engine Ramiro!
    But i’m wondering if i can make it compatible with kaduki tankentai characters…

  59. I have a problem, I put in the Config, Battle Action and Classes&Method scrips
    but when I test battle, my character is invisible.

  60. shinonomekun

    Um Ive used this and its so awesome but the thing is when i have 5 or more party it says
    “Script”line 2669″No method error ocured.
    Undefinedmethod'[]’ for nilclass” or something like that is there something i need to do??

      Please, read the other comments and my blog post.

  61. Griff

    I use it in my game business ?
    I’m not commenting because there page with their licenses.

  62. Griff

    Sorry for writing wrong but I was short on time.

    • yes, you can use on a comertial game after all.
      New BSD or free BSD license lets you to make the code as as you like, you just need to give credits.

  63. Alvaro Benavides

    Ya salio en ingles, puedes subir el demo?

    • No voy a subir demo, lee los post, me cansa repetir las cosas…

  64. shinonomekun

    One final Noob question. Is there a way to know a certain battle position cause i want to change the battle position of the battlers

    • Yes and No, You can set manually the position of each battle by just adding them to the array and make them currently fixed by party index.
      Otherwise you can use the tag and to manually set the positions, I don’t recommend the last one thought.

  65. Megan

    For some reason when I have more than five people in the party, Particpating in battle or not I get this error Script’RBS2’line2318: NoMethodError occured.
    undfined method'[]’for nil:class

    I put the postion of the fifth actor. I am using YEA Party script. Please fix this I need more than five people in the party.

    • of course if you have more than five you may need as much as people in the party…

  66. stesc

    It is most likely my fault, but i can’t get animations to move by using the ‘anime pic:’ command. Basicly only the picture moves, but the animation isn’t there.
    I don’t get any Error message.
    Moving pictures without animations is no problem.

    Could someone tell me how to set it up?

  67. Hi,

    I hope you will make a demo since Rpg maker Vx ace is out now 🙂

    • Nope, I won’t make a demo, sorry, I’m busy with another, quite more interesting project…

  68. TheAuthor95

    Ramiro! I have a quick question. I’ve plugged in the scripts that you have offered above and I believe I’ve placed them in the correct order. They are as follows (Materials/Configuration Script/Classes and Modules/Actions/Main Process).

    When I load up my game and engage in a battle, something very different happens. The battle lags intensely and when the creatures and actors finally enter the battlefield, the creatures are in the center of the screen and the actors are duplicated multiple times and placed in the top right.

    Is there something I’m missing to the order of the scripts? Do I need to change a few settings in the scripts themselves? I have no other scripts active except yours. I am willing to do whatever it takes and would greatly appreciate any help you could offer me.

    Thank you very much for your time.

    • Well the order of the scripts are not so important in this case.
      Well you may need to readjust the configuration module to match your needs.
      it’s not a simple plug and play…

  69. Eu

    Tengo un problema (hablo en español aprovechando que sabes). Es simple pero no lo encuentro en el Script: en una batalla, cuando el personaje da unos pasos (y sale la lista de comandos “atacar” “magia”, “objeto”…) el personaje desaparece (se hace invisible) y vuelve a reaparecer cuando elijo la acción… ¿Cómo soluciono eso?

  70. renegat92

    Is there a way to change the default battler used to move while the standing pose remain the same? Or at least use another character_index of the battler for moving? I would have to use differents graphics for standing or moving? Or should I make my own customs commands and then define a new standing pose or a new move pose?

    • did you just read the manual?

      • renegat92

        Yes i did and there is no index option in the move command.

      • Did you try to change the pose first before moving ?

      • renegat92

        Oh sorry. I though Pose was only for displaying a special movement and then reset to the default one before the next command! I should definitely read again the manual. sorry for bothering you.

  71. Carbajosa123

    Ramiro_actions line 176: NoMethodOccured
    Undefined method ‘set_pose’?

    what am I doing wrong?

    • Carbajosa123

      Nevermind. Im using two battle systems that I never realized that I was.

  72. Mika

    Hello ! I have a problem. I’m french, and it is difficult to understand the manual…sorry.

    • stesc

      All you have to do is to write in the actors notes and create an charset with the name $charname[3,4].png in the graphiscs/battlers folder of your project.

  73. Mika

    Thank you 🙂 It’s now.

  74. stesc

    Still can not get animations on pictures to work.
    I want to create an moving animation using “anime pic:”
    My sequence looks like this:

    pose: ‘user’, 0, 2, -2, -1, 9;
    show pic: 1, 74, 1, 0, 0, 100, 100, 255, 0;
    move pic ex: 1, ‘user’, 0, 0 , 1;
    wait: 8;
    anime pic: 1, 0, 0;
    move pic ex: 1, ‘targets’, 0, 0 , 25;
    wait: 8;
    wait: 8;
    delete pic: 1;
    wait: 20;
    move: ‘user’, ‘origin’, 0, 0, 0, 20;
    wait: 20;
    pose: ‘user’, 0, 2, -2, -1, 12;
    wait: 20;

    of cause i have selectet an animation in the skills window and also tried weapon-animations, with no difference.
    The result is an moving picture, without the animation.

    • It’s because it seems than animation ID can’t be zero… sorry about that. try using another animation id.

      • stesc

        done of cause with the same result, no animation is moving towards the enemy, only the picture.

      • stesc

        I also tried to set the animation id to a value into your
        class Game_Picture->def init_basic with the same result. Could it be, that setinng the animation id isn’t the problem, but that showing is?

        I am sorry to bother you with such things, but the rbs is the best battle system i have ever seen and i realy want to use it in my project.

  75. renegat92

    Hello !
    I have one question about block commands. I want to implement in the attack sequence a condition (if …end) to check whether or not the target of the current battler is on the left or on the right and i don’t know how to write that since i do not know the methods for coordinates of the battlers (i guess it’s methods because you used a.hp as exemple).
    ps: i’m not english speaking so let me know if i wasn’t clear enough.

    • renegat92

      Silly me . Forget about that. I shamely found that i just had to use a.screen_x and b.screen_x ^_^’. And it’s now that I realize that your engine is very powerfull. Thank you fo hardworking on this.

  76. Leyla

    well i have to say great work first.
    but, maybe i’m too dumb or whatever, i can’t get defining of specific poses and frames to work properly (namely that with th notetags e.g. battler name:actor[3,2] ) 😦
    if i add that in the notetags i eventually get an error telling me that the file “actor[3,2]” can’t be found.
    could someone please help me with that? i’m really feeling dumb now 😦

    • renegat92

      you can either modify the default poses and frames in the configuration script or you can add [3,2] AFTER THE BATTLER NAME IN THE BATTLER FOLDER and not in the note . You just have to add in the note and add [3,2] in the name of that battler in the battler folder: “your battler name[3,2]”.
      Let me know if i was clear enough.

      • Leyla

        ah, thanks a lot now i understand.
        But that gives me a second question: is there a way to stop the character from looking backward before moving?

      • renegat92

        You should try to look at the config script and try to change it the way you want. Since you are using custom poses numbers and frame numbers, you should carefully look to the commands and modify the poses id . If have some diffiulties, post your attack sequence I will try to do something.

      • Leyla

        well i have to say i dont really get through this script.
        for me it was much more easy to “mess around” with the old tankentai sbs, that time ago as i had it, but this ramiro-script seems a bit too complicatet for my little knowlege, i don’t even find the part which would appear to be the attack sequence o.o

      • renegat92

        In fact this engine is not so hard to understand. I even think that this script is much more structurated than tankentei, so, much more easy to understand.Keep in mind that configuration script has some default configuations and default sequences(the part in purple) In the default sequences you will find sequences that the battler uses for performing actions. For example the first one should be the turn start sequence used when the battler’s selection turn has started. Within those sequences you will find commands, every line that end with the symbol “;”. You should carefully read the manual entirely and not do a fast reading like I did myself (about config, about sprite, about sequences about commands and so on). I cannot really explain it all to you because if you want to make a game, you should at least have the patience to read instructions carefully. I hope you will find the potential of this engine.
        ps: I’m not english speaking but I managed to understand this! Let me know if you succeed in resolving your issue.

      • Leyla

        oh, i did look in the wrong part of the script xD
        yeah i’ve found it now but it wasn’t under the attack sequences but under “battler selection turn end”
        if you know where to look for it its more easy than before.
        a great thanks for your help.

  77. Joe

    Great battle system, Ramiro. I love it.

    I have a question. I’d like to disable the camera zoom effect, but I see that the “zoom” keyword shows up in a lot of places. I don’t want to screw anything up. Which numbers should I change?

    Also, I want to disable the battler/enemy graphic resize effect (so if they are farther away, they become smaller).

    Any help is much appreciated!

    • renegat92

      You should read about commands in the manual for advance use. For now if you want to remove camera zoom effect when attacking, look for the attack sequence and remove the zoom commands.

  78. Niko Bellic

    Hola Ramiro, Felicidades por haber creado este sistema de batalla y GRACIAS por compartirlo para el uso y disfrute de la comunidad.
    Veras tengo una duda a la que no encuentro solución, a ver si puedes echarme una mano…
    Estoy usando en mi proyecto “Ace Core Engine” de Yanfly y al cambiar la resolución del juego a 640 x 480 el fondo de las batallas (El battleback) se descuadra de la pantalla y se ven bordes negros en la zona izquierda y superior de la pantalla. He probado con battlebacks de más tamaño pero sigue igual, ¿Se puede solucionar de alguna manera?
    De momento he vuelto a la resolución default (544×416) pero no es lo mismo ya que al jugar en pantalla completa, el juego no ocupa toda la pantalla 😦

    Un saludo y gracias por tu tiempo!

    • Niko Bellic

      Olviden el anterior mensaje… Ya conseguí solucionarlo 🙂

  79. estriole

    when i use your battle system only no error
    when i use yanfly ace battle system only no error
    when i combine both theres some graphic error
    when enemy damage me the hp bar did not reduce immediately but
    it wait until that damaged character to act then the hp reduced.
    compatibility i guess? is there a way to fix that

    • I’m having the exactly same problem ):

    • Does anybody know any way to fix it? T-T I really need both systems…

      • C’mom, Ramiro, why aren’t you even answering? Are you dead? D=

      • Something like that, I gess.
        Did you paste the scripts in other order ?
        You may put all the YEA-YSA scripts BEFORE RBS.
        Even on Yami’s page there is a video showing that the system works.
        If you really need it and doesn’t work, use Yami’s BS, it has all the same capabilities of mine and better compatibility with YSA and YEA scripts for sure…

      • You’re alive! xD
        I was talking about the Battle Engine: http://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/battle-scripts/ace-battle-engine/
        The bug is like: when the actor takes damage, the HP bar only reduces when its the actor’s turn. The same happens with the TP and MP. Yes, I put it in the order: YEA Battle Engine before the three RBS scripts. I tried to but the script after, but the sequences don’t work and… well, I think it’s better before.
        Thanks for the attention!

      • Try to use another status window, there are many add ons you may try to change a bit the game itself.
        I cannot give 100% compativility with other scripts, and I am planning on stop the production of RBS, just cuz’ there are many other scripts than do the same and more…

      • luisamey

        Oh, c’mon, you can’t stop your battle system, it’s so perfect! I didn’t find any other SBS which is custamizable like this one. I really ONLY bug I found is this with a YEA Battle Engine.
        I asked for your help because I saw the compatibility file with the Yanfly scripts and I thought you were trying to have 100% compatibility.
        Well, I really don’t know how a status window could help… I tried searching for add-ons, I it didn’t help. I really need exactly these both systems: RBS and YEA Battle Engine.
        I also tried to fix it my own, but I’m not a scripter. All I found is that the problem is in the “use_item” or “invoke_item” methods. I tried to mix the methods (yours and Yanfly’s “use_item”s): the problem was fixed, but another bug came – the character attacks twice. Then I don’t know what to do.
        But… well, thanks for answering! gbye :3

  80. Mika

    Hello 🙂
    I have a problem. If a member has more than 99 MP, instead of have 150/150 MP, I have only 150 MP on the window.
    What can I do please ?

  81. renegat92

    I’m having a issue: everytime I try to change the actor selection sequence or make my own sequences for states i got a “Stack level too deep error”. Please can you help me in creating my own sequences for states, for example a state that prevents the battler to move while idle?

    • renegat92

      Nevermind i figured that i just had to had a wait command.

  82. stesc

    Well, I have got some questions about moving animations again.
    While trying to learn ruby, I have seen, that the instance variable “@animation_id”
    is set into “def set_animation” to the animations id of the “anime pic” command via attr_accessor.

    But afterwards, i can´t find where variable “@animation_id” it is used again, to show the animation over the picture.
    Could u tell me where?


    • renegat92

      Look into the thrid script(actions), line 364.

      • stesc

        Well, the “def on_anime_picture_command” u marked calls the method
        “picture.set_animation” that defines the instance variable “@animation_id”.

        But afterwards the animatin_id should be either used in a show_animation command, or to lay the animation over the picture what ramiro did (i beleave) but in this case the instance variable should be used into the update-method of the rbs, or shouldn´t it?

  83. I appreciate this battle system ever so! I’m slowly starting to understand it more, but there is one issue I am uncertain about. Whenever my battlers or enemies attack it immediately erupts into a “SystemStack Error: Stack Level is too deep”. I know this issue has been brought up before but Ramiro only answered a solution back in spanish. Too which I googled translated and got a very confusing answer.

    I eventually discovered that this error is popping up because of the YEA Battle Engine. Whenever I removed it out of my scripts the battles would run smoothly. YEA scripts are meant to be before the RBS so I am not able to move it after without creating more problems. Thank you to anyone that can provide a solution in advance!

    • FIXED MY PROBLEM. The issue was the damage popups from the YEA Battle Engine. I disabled and used Ramiro’s popups instead! All BETTEH!

  84. Megan

    I found a bug. If you set up a sprite like this example actor_1[3,4] 1 for the index the battler doesn’t show up. The problem is it says to do that in the manual if you don’t want a single sprite sheet like $actor. Please help me fix this I really don’t want to make a single sprite sheet because every time I do I can’t align it perfectly. This is the first time I tried it the other way.

  85. renegat92

    Have you tried actor[3,4]_1?

  86. Megan

    No I didn’t, thank you I’ll try that and see what happens.

  87. Megan

    Sorry for posting again but I just now tried naming the file actor[3,4]_1 and the battler still doesn’t show up. What do I have to do to get the battler to show the index instead of making a single sheet and naming it $actor?

    • stesc

      For example….
      If your character has the spritesheet $horst.png
      You have to call the spritesheet $horst[3,4].png into your Graphics/Battlers folder.

      Than, u must note into the actors note tag.

      well and thats it.

      for different skill sprites u have to name the sheets $name_skillname[x,y].png for actors, while naming them $name[x,y]_skillname for battlers, but thats all.


    VX ACE in english is out, so… DEMO PLEASE!

  89. Leyla

    There seems to be a conflict with “YSA Battle System: Classical ATB”.
    If you use it the sprites won’t do any of the sequences, neiter the default ones nor custon ones, atleast for me it is like that.
    Does someone know a way how to fix this?

  90. OptxusPrimeX

    I keep getting a stack error… I don’t know how to fix it.

    • OptxusPrimeX

      nvm i had a yanfly battle system on.

  91. shadowxxxz

    soy nuevo en RPGMaker y uso el VX ace
    y me gustaria usar tu battle system en mi juego… pero no soy muy bueno con los scripts…
    Me puedes ayudar?
    Tengo frecuentes errores y la verdad no entiendo mucho… Gracias!

    • Si sos nuevo no uses scripts… y listo se soluciona todo…

  92. go to rpgvxace.co.cc to download rpg maker vx ace full english free no surveys

    • Please do not cause trouble by leaking illegal copies…

  93. PepeSadallah

    Your Battle System is amazing but, i keep getting mistakes about the character and battlers
    or, sometimes there’s no graphics in the battle
    I didn’t quite understand the manual…
    Please Help me.
    Thanks for reading anyways.

  94. minato90

    hi ramiro,i’m a beginner in scripting but i think your battle system is fantastic.i was wondering if you could help me with a problem.i wanted to create a sequence so i could change the graphic’s battler while the hp are <30%,but i realize i'm still too noob for this XD.So i thought to create a sequence in the actor's tag that seems like this

    pose: ‘user’, ‘start’, 0, -2, -1, 70;
    wait: 30;
    IF: !’a.hp<30%';
    pose: 'user', 'return', 0, -2, -1, 70;
    wait: 30;

    my battler’s name is eric so eric-start and eric-return are the graphics i used.But,when the hp are <30% the graphic doesn't change at all….can you hel me fix hit

    • you should try if: !a.hp_rate < 0.3 like that, I don't really remember, it was a long time without checking the system…

  95. minato90

    * eric_star and eric_return

  96. Lord_Arkausey

    I have a problem with the script! When I copy-pasted it to the Editor, the half of the codes were in purple!
    I tried to fix that, but I can’t find any missing ‘ or “…

  97. hardwood flooring

    Hey there just wanted to give you a quick heads up.
    The words in your article seem to be running off the screen in Firefox.
    I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with browser compatibility but I figured I’d
    post to let you know. The layout look great though! Hope you get the problem resolved soon.
    Many thanks

    • I dunno maybe just firefox problem, I tend to use Chrome and… well it shows great

    • Griffith

      I use Firefox and don’t have that same problem…it might be just you.

  98. Codomodragon

    buenas ramiro tengo la siguiente duda, utilizo el sistema Party System de yanfly, el cual te permite tener una party de mas de 4 personajes, pero en la batalla solo 4, tu sistema crea los Battlers de todos los personajes de la party, saltándose la variable del scrip de yanfly, esto se resuelve fácilmente cambiando la linea de código en donde se obtienen los miembros de la party, pero por mas que busque dicha linea no soy capaz de conseguirla, por eso te pregunto ¿en que lineas esta la función que obtiene los nombres de los miembros de la party?

    • Codomodragon

      ok, ya resolví el problema de compatibilidad del módulo Party System de Yanfly, bastaba con editar 2 líneas del código, la línea 1628 la cambiabas de “@actor_sprites = $game_party.members.collect do |actor|” a ” @actor_sprites = $game_party.battle_members.collect do |actor|” y la línea 1643 de ” $game_party.members.each do |actor|” a “$game_party.battle_members.each do |actor|” y listo problema resuelto, aparte este o no activado el módulo de Yanfly el código funciona, por lo tanto creo que sería buena idea actualizar el código con este cambio.

  99. Pretty-Belle

    Can I disclose your system in a brazilian forum? I’ll post the original link ^^

    • try, but try to use symphony from yami, it’s the same with more… and it’s newer… but you can do anything anyways…

  100. T

    Hello Ramiro,
    so im trying to find a good battle system script and came to yours.. im trying it out and i put all three scripts in under materials but above main processes. For the most part is works except in the battle screen when i run a battle test for some reason the entire actor page appears as 1 character ( the whole 8×12 row of sprites) im not sure how to fix it..

    sorry if this is a re-post question but ive been searching for a long time to find a solution

  101. pie

    VXA is in english. Lol

  102. Fantastic website. Plenty of helpful info here.

    I am sending it to several pals ans additionally sharing in delicious.
    And of course, thanks to your effort!

  103. None

    Im new and i need to know how to put this script in…

    • I will say something… if you are new you probably you wouldn’t use complex scripts…

  104. Niu

    any demo now ?
    RPG VX already release in english sir

    • I won’t make any demo, just because there are battle systems now actually better, easier and with more options. You may want to use some plug-ins anyway, and they don’t require a demo…

  105. Nice post. I used to be checking constantly this weblog and I’m impressed! Extremely helpful information specifically the last section 🙂 I handle such info a lot. I was seeking this certain info for a long time. Thanks and best of luck.

  106. Ecominico

    Muchísimas Gracias al usuario “Comododragon”, me encontraba con el problema que comentas y gracias a ti lo he podido solucionar!!

    Y por supuesto gracias Ramiro por este sistema de batalla!

  107. kronnos

    where i have put the scripts?
    donde tengo que poner las scripts?

  108. I do not recall who told me that, but when I find out, they owe forty
    dollars for a round trip cab ride from The Strip to go there.
    They also avoid products that are tested on animals and do not wear
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    locate a match to that handful.

  109. Karin

    Ramiro perdona. Soy nueva en rpgmaker y llevo varios dias asqueada por unos script. He leido que tu sistema de batalla es muy bueno, pero uso rpg maker vx ace, asi que no se si me servirá, He instalado el de victor pero no sé como hacer que cuando por ejemplo un arquero ataque, se vean las animaciones de las flechas. He instalado en Tankentai y ahi si me salen las animaciones, pero ni se animar un battler ni se añadir skills, asi que me parece que mi mejor opcion va a ser esperar a que esté tu script completo.
    Gracias por tu tiempo. Cordial saludo!.

  110. jérôme

    ou have do a good job, i have a mistak with the size oh my png héro during a battle.
    I dont see only my héro, but all de picture with all héroes can you help me?
    This is a scipt mistak or i must do a new PNG file héroes?

    thank you

  111. YungAce

    Hey! I have a question. Is it possible to give certain actors attack commands?


  1. Adrenaline Rush Night + Scripter’s tools ACT 1 + Tanks « Ramiro's Script Collection for ACE

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