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Ramiro's script collection for ACE!

Combo Window

Sure, it's usefull if you want to keep track on the damage done.

Download HERE.

The combo window is a good way to keep track on total damage done.

This window shows the total amout of hits, plus each type of damage or recovery done separately.

Damage absorbed is not counted, anyway.

Remeber, This is an RBS add-on but still works on ANY battle system, or it should at least.




  1. I like how it shows the HP and MP damage seperately.

    I’m still deciding wether I want to use the DBS or your RBS, so the fact that it can be used with the DBS is nice.

    • Well I’ll try to give support to ace in geenral, even if I make my own battle system, it would be bad if I simple give ONLY support to a battle system.
      It shows TP damage (if any) also.
      Of course the text that says “X Total (Type) Damage”
      Will change on recovery “X Total (Type) Recovery” by default
      And It won’t show the text if the damage is 0.
      (Like if you don’t damage to MP MP damage isn’t shown.
      Try to hceck it with YEA and the gemeni pack to understand it better.


  1. Let’s See your Combo! « Ramiro + RMVXA = ♥

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