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Cooperation Skills

Who is Drack, well... does it matter?

Do you remeber tankentai is quite hard to get function about cooperation skills? Now its possible and (a bit) easier.

You can download the script HERE.

To use it, just add the following tag in your skill:

<cooperation: a1,  a2, … result r1, r2, r3, …>

Where a1,  a2, … are the skills that the current skills needs to cooperate with, and r1, r2, r3 are the skill ids that the each battler will take, the first corresponds to the user of the first skill, the others (r2, r3, …) corresponds to the cuser of the skill id a1, a2, …

After all, you may ocnfigure each sequence properly for a better use.

Here is the test of the skill “Bronze star”

Bronze star has the following tags:

<cooperation: 8 result 9, 10>

Bronze star is skill 8, so if you use it with another bronze start, the user will use skill 9 and the cooperation ally will use the skill 10 in the database.

You can set multiple cooperations with the same skill, like:

<cooperation: 8, 9 result 9, 10, 11>

<cooperation: 8 result 9, 10>

But remeber, they are priorized by order from top to bottom, so the first will take prioery over the second. I suggest than you may put the stronger versions before the weaker versions.



  1. other than that it looks like a cool script

  2. why isnt my first comment showing up anyway it said
    (I keep getting an error message that says
    “Undefined method ‘game_unit’ for #

    • if you are using ani YEA scripot, this isn’t compatible, sorry…
      This script is no longer supported…

  3. Tiago Mercês

    Line70: NoMethodError Ocurred
    Undefined Method ‘Enemy_Unit’ for #<Game_Actor:0x3b16040'

  4. Johnd514

    Hi, everything is going well here and ofcourse every one is sharing information, that’s really fine, keep up writing. dgdcegdcfcbd


  1. Cooperation SKills are here for RBS! « Ramiro + RMVXA = ♥

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