Ramiro + RMVXA = ♥

Ramiro's script collection for ACE!

Extra Collapse Effects

Your bones will turn dust!

Are you tired of seeing the same boss collapse effect over and over?

Compatible with any battle system!

Download Here.

Well this scrit is made to stop that!

With this script you can now set custom animations to enemies. Yes.

Like desapearing like sand.

The effects included are:

  • Sand Colored version and gray version.
  • Twist

To set an effect:

<collapse effect: effect type>

Where effect type can be:

SAND, makes the battler to dissapear like FF VI’s enemy sand deleting.

If you wish to retain the battler colors, just use COLORED SAND insthead.

TWIST will make the character rotates and disapears.

ANIMATION[ID] where ID should be the animation ID you wish to play.


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    1. RBS 2.0 is now here. « Ramiro + RMVXA = ♥

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