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Resize animations

Now you can change the size of displayed animations... YAH!

Animations are important on any RM Game, they are the core of all the eye candy and ‘glamour’, specially eye-candy.

But wait, you use characters AND battlers and need to resize the animations?

You can use THIS script. It may work on ANY system, but it’s part of the “RBS pack” so that’s why is here.

To change a battler’s resulting animation’s size you may add the following tag on actor/enemy notes:

<anime size:SIZE>

Where SIZE must be a number bigger than 0 (zero, no animation at that zoom).

Of course, you may change the values as percents so 50 represents 50% (half size) and 200 represents double sized animation display.

Remeber animations with target as “Screen” won’t change size. why? Hey! Screen doesn’t need to resize animations, does it?

Hope you all like it, see ya!


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