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Status Window Alternate Style

Simple is better SOMETIMES... well, with an EYE-CANDY system actually...

This is a Simple add-on, that only changes the window to a much more like other engines. With some extra options. It may work with anything, but it’s part of the “RBS pack”

This status windows makes it easy to change the appearance of the battle. It’s not a big thing, just this, a window.

You may download de window HERE.

Hope you like it!



  1. dartdaman

    i have noticed a bug in this script when there is 4 people in the party it only shows the first 2 people in the window

    • Thanks about the bug report.

  2. dartdaman

    if you look on line 98 it show this
    bmp = Cache.system(BattleConfig::Status_WindowOpacity)
    Status_WindowOpacity needs to be changed to Status_BackgroundName for it to draww the image and to not get an error

    • tanks for catching that bug – FIXED!


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