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Target Selection

Now the selection can be choosed as an add-on, this menas MORE compatibility.

As from RBS 2.1 the target selection is added as an add-on.

You can download it HERE.

Now you can reemplaze YEA’s target selection or not depending if you add this add-on or not.


  1. Hello, ¿no hay alguna manera de hacer que para algunos enemigos no se vean los datos? :3

    • xD podes seleccionar que queres ocultar…

  2. dartdaman

    can you make it where it shows the cursor over the character as he chooses an action

    • No, that’s not “Target Selection”

  3. Marcos

    TP doesn’t update correctly,you must cancel the action and select it again to see the current TP.
    This is a great idea,thanks for your hard work and excuse me for my bad english.

  4. Jean

    Hi there, reporting the following behaviour : no change when any Target_HideEnemyMP are set to false.
    Other addon loaded : ramiro popup & Log window

    • Jean

      any Target_HideEnemy* sorry about that

  5. Jean

    Tweaked lines from 148 up to 164 to keep you not to busy
    Thanks for scripts.

  6. Lord_Arkausey

    Error line 377 when I want to choose the target when using a potion.
    NoMethodError occurred.
    undefined method ‘battler’ for #

    Help please!

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