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About Engine Configurations

Here you can find all the configuration options of the system and how the configuration module works.

Battler Control

This part is the one that can control any option for battlers and battler sprites.

Each constant is defined and explained in the configurations script.

# show the positions of the party member by index.
ActorPos = [[410, 210], [430, 235], [450, 260], [470, 295]]

# the bitmap name of the cursor for targeting in system folder
CursorBitmap = ‘battle cursor’
# the number of frames of the cursor
CursorFrames = 1
# the delay between each frame of the cursor.
CursorDelay = 8

# default enemy animation ids
DefaultEnemey_Ani1ID = 1
DefaultEnemey_Ani2ID = 0

# the number of poses that the standart battles have
DefaultPoses = 1
# the number of frames that the standart battles have
DefaultFrames = 1

# the default sprite acotr an eney indexes for a battle
DefaultActorIndex = 0
DefaultEnemyIndex = 0

# if set to true, the x correction will be inverted for actor sequences
# when using movement commands.
InvertXCorrection = true

# if set to true, the y correction will be inverted for actor sequences
# when using movement commands.
InvertYCorrection = false

# set this to true to correct the battlebacks with the camera if you are using
# the rtp’s battlebacks or the same style and sizes.
UsingDefaultBattlebacks = true

Log window Control

You have controls of the log window’s displayed messages.

# display skill names on the log window when used?
Log_DisplaySkillName = false
# display the messages 1 and 2 for skill on the log window when used?
Log_DisplaySkillMsg1 = true
Log_DisplaySkillMsg2 = true

# display item names on the log window when used?
Log_DisplayItemName = false
# display item usage on the log window when used?
Log_DisplayItemUsage = true

# display critical message on log?
Log_DisplayCritical = false
# display failure message on log?
Log_DisplayFailure = false
# display miss message on log?
Log_DisplayMiss = false
# display evasión message on log?
Log_DisplayEvasion = false

# display the damage or recovery to TP, MP or Hp on log? (if set to false,
# please consider using the popup.
Log_DisplayHpDamage = false
Log_DisplayMpDamage = false
Log_DisplayTpDamage = false

# display counterattack message?
Log_DisplayCounterattack = true
# display reflection message?
Log_DisplayReflection = true
# display substitute message?
Log_DisplaySubstitute = true

# display messages of removed states?
Log_DisplayRemovedStates = false
# display messages of added states?
Log_DisplayAddedStates = false

# display buffs with the log ?
Log_DisplayBuffs = false
# display debuffs with the log ?
Log_DisplayDebuffs = false
# display removed buffs with the log ?
Log_DisplayRemovedBuffs = false

Pop Up Controls

You can control displays of pop ups in this section.

If you want to know how to use images in popups, check This page.

# sets the default time for popups
PopUp_Duration = 120
# sets the delay between each popup for better reading
PopUp_Delay = 40

# the space between each number in the popup
PopUp_Sparcing = 12
# the size of each line (for critical displays)
PopUp_LineSize = 25

# display hp. ,p or tp damage with popups
# if st to false, please consider using the log option.
PopUp_DisplayHpDamage = true
PopUp_DisplayMpDamage = true
PopUp_DisplayTpDamage = true
# display added or removed states with popups
PopUp_DisplayStates = true
# display critical message with popups
PopUp_DisplayCritical = true
# display evaded message with popups
PopUp_DisplayEvaded = true
# display evaded messages with popups
PopUp_DisplayMissed = true
# display buffs with the popups ?
PopUp_DisplayBuffs = true
# display debuffs with the popups ?
PopUp_DisplayDebuffs = true
# display removed buffs with the popups ?
PopUp_DisplayRemovedBuffs = true

# display the damage sing (+ healed) (- damaged)
PopUp_ShowDamageSign = true
# display the name with the popup message ? (eg: 9999HP when true 9999 when false)
PopUp_DisplayDamageParameter = true
# display the state’s symbol when added or removed
Popup_DisplayStateSymbol = true
# display the state’s name when added or removed
Popup_DisplayStateName = false
# display the state’s icon when added or removed
Popup_DisplayStateIcon = true
# display the symbol of the paramter when added or removed
Popup_DisplayBuffSymbol = false
# display the name of the paramter when added or removed
Popup_DisplayBuffName = true
# display the icon of the paramter when added or removed
Popup_DisplayBuffIcon = true

# the symbols used for healing or damaged parameter.
PopUp_DamageSign = ‘-‘
PopUp_HealSign = ‘+’

# the symbols used for added or removed states.
PopUp_StateAddSign = ‘+’
PopUp_StateRemoveSign = ‘-‘

# the symbols used for buffs, debuffs and removed buffs.
PopUp_BuffSign = ‘+’
PopUp_DebuffSign = ‘-‘
PopUp_BuffRemoveSign = ‘.’

# use images for popup
UseDamagePopUp_Images = false
# the images on the folder graphics/system.
PopUp_ImageHp = ‘pop up’
PopUp_ImageMp = ‘pop up’
PopUp_ImageTp = ‘pop up’

# colors for hp, mp, tp damage or recovery(ignored when using images on popup)
PopUp_HealHp_Color = Color.new(0,255,128)
PopUp_DamageHp_Color = Color.new(255, 0,0)

PopUp_HealMp_Color = Color.new(0,255,255)
PopUp_DamageMp_Color = Color.new(255, 0,255)

PopUp_HealTp_Color = Color.new(128,255,128)
PopUp_DamageTp_Color = Color.new(255, 255,0)

PopUp_AddedState_Color = Color.new(255,255,255)
PopUp_RemovedState_Color = Color.new(255,255,255)

PopUp_Buff_Color = Color.new(255,255,255)
PopUp_Debuff_Color = Color.new(255,255,255)

# colors for critical, missed and evaded texts
PopUp_Critical_Color = Color.new(255, 128,0)
PopUp_Missed_Color = Color.new(255, 255,255)
PopUp_Evaded_Color = Color.new(255, 255,255)

# The colors for buffs and debuffs
PopUp_Buff_Color = Color.new(255,255,255)
PopUp_Deuff_Color = Color.new(255,255,255)

# the font names used for popup
PopUp_Damage_Font = Font.default_name
PopUp_AddedState_Font = Font.default_name
PopUp_RemovedState_Font = Font.default_name
PopUp_Critical_Font = Font.default_name
PopUp_Missed_Font = Font.default_name
PopUp_Evaded_Font = Font.default_name
PopUp_Buff_Font = Font.default_name
PopUp_Debuff_Font = Font.default_name

Default Sequences Control

The Default_SequenceNotes constant defines the default sequences for all battlers. Use this to evade writting the same text over and over.

Vocabulary Controls

You can control the dyspayed text when a critical, missed, or evaded attack occurs.

PopUp_Critical = ‘CRITICAL!’
PopUp_Missed = ‘MISS!’
PopUp_Evaded = ‘EVADED!’



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