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Actor Tags

There are many tags by the system in order to get what to do with actor. Tanks to noteboxes, now you can make some things easier than ever.

Here is a list and a short of each Tag used on actors:

  • <battler name:a battler name>
This sets the actor’s battler graphic as “battler name” (you don’t have to put quotes on the name and without spaces, unless the name has spaces by itself.
By default is set to the character name.
Also, you may change the name with the following script call:
actor = $game_party.actors[actor id]
actor.battler_name = “battler name”
It will change the actor’s name to the new one (you must use quotes here)
  • <battler hue:a battler hue>
This sets the actor’s hue to the number written.
If no tag is used it will use 0(zero).
You can change the hue of the battler by using actor.battler_hue = X
where X must be a number from 0 to 360
  • <screen x:a number>
  • <screen y:a number>
If you want an actor to have an specific position in battle insthead of having a position defined by index you may set that option with this number.
  • <atk ani1:an animation id>
  • <atk ani2:an animation id>
If you want an actor to have an special default animation id when unarmed, you may use the following tags.
  • <counter skill id:a skill id>
  • <attack skill id:a skill id>
  • <guard skill id:a skill id>
This tags sets the id of the skills for counter, attack or guard, if there is no sequence on the actor’s class or in any of the equipments.


  1. Megan

    I finally figured out how to set up the battlers, but changes the actor’s battlet graphic by script call doesn’t work it just gives me an error. I need to know eactly what I am doing wrong because my main characters grapciv has to change later on in my game.

  2. tommyG

    umm hello i wanted to ask i use your battle system but i see 12 sprite’s how can i solve it??

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