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About Sequences

Sequence Introduction

Sequences are, for the system, little pieces of commands used at especific moments.

each sequence corresponds to an “action” of the system. and each sequence is called when an event occurs at the system, for example when you use an item.

Here you will find all the information about the Sequences used by the System.

From attacking, to using an item.

How to define a sequence

Sequences are defined in the notetags with the next code:

<sequence:sequence name>

sequence commands


The commands are defined in the section, About Commands.

Default system sequences

The system has some default sequences uses ALWAYS for ALL BATTLERS.

These are needed in order to make the system as animated as possible.

Those sequences are the next:


Turn star sequence is called when the actor entered the action processing.

This is used to show the character thinking what to do, like Paper mario.


While turn start checks the begining of the process, turn ends does the opposite. it checks when the battler ends its processing.

This sequence is used in order to return the battler to their original state.


This sequence is used when an actor starts the battle.

This is shown when the battler is under normal start battle conditions, not by surprised or preemptive attacks.


When a surprise attack is realized, the actors will take this sequence, to make a dramatically entrance.


On preemptive type attacks the actors will realize this sequence.

Remeber, this for this sequences: when actors are surprised, enemies are preemptive, when actors are preemptive enemies are surprised.


This sequence is called when the actor attacks, don’t worry, you can put it on weapons too. So yes,you can define different actions for different weapons.

For enemies, well, they have theyr own animation too.


Guarding sequences are used when an actor starts to set guard.

This can be changed when an actor has any equip, so you can define different guard animations for different weapons or armor pieces.

If an actor has more than one, they’ll use all at the same time.


Counter sequences are called when the user counters the enmy. Remember, to have counter active you will need to use the command check counter.

Remember this: counter attacks CANCELS the opponent’s action.


Die sequences are called when the actor dies, and they don’t have any specificl collapse animation.


Dead sequences are called when actors enters the battle dead. This is used for better performance than “dying” when the battle starts.


When the battler is back to life, this sequence is called just to check consistency.


This sequence is called when actors wons a battle. each actor has it’s own unique victory, and yes, you can put them on any piece of equipment.


When an actor runs to protect an ally (user = substitute, target = ally to protect) this sequence is called.

remember, if you want to try this use: the “check substitute” command at te moment you want to check.


When someone was targeted by a skill and you check “check reflect” on it, and the skill can be reflected, this sequence will be called on the targeted unit.


When items does not have an “Attack” Animation, the system will look for this sequence on the battler. try to fill it to set unique styles of healing poses, or to use a “generic potion throwing action”


The skills have the same problem as items, sometimes actions cannot be defined.

In those cases you can use the “skill” animation.

Like items, skills can have generic animations even when used by a weapon.



  1. Griffith

    I’m not sure if this is a right place to ask, but I’ll post here for now. For starters, I just want to thank you for the hard work– this looks like a great deal of effort and the script is super complicated and well planned. I love the Yanfly compatibility too!

    My question is: How do we define our own action sequences? For example: if we wanted to make a skill use a specific sequence?

    I’m sure you’re busy, and perhaps it’s still too early for the battle system to have that kind of config, so I apologize if I’m out of line!

    • That’s not true, the script has those functions from 1.0!
      Yes, it’s a bit had, but read carefully:
      if you add the following tag in a weapon/skill/item:

      command 1;
      command 2;

      last command;

      The system will use THAT sequence as the sequence for the item, skill, etc.
      Remember skills AND items also need the Attack sequence, not an item/skill sequence, that’s if you want to define for actors.
      Where you add this texts? Well in Actor/Enemy/Item/Skill notebox, easy, right?
      To read about commands you should check the “About commands” section.

      • Griffith

        Hmm, awesome! I figured you were on top of things, the battle engine is highly customizable after all. However, I couldn’t get this to work…I tried inputing this into the notebox of the “dual attack” skill:

        wait: 20;
        wait: 20;

        Unfortunately, the skill just used the default sequence…so clearly I’m doing something wrong. Perhaps a working example would help (one with actual commands that I can copy and paste to test out).

        I’m sorry to ask you such stupid questions :(.

      • Don’t worry, you may try this dual attack example:
        Just paste in the skill notebox.(or even a weapon if you like)

  2. Griffith

    That worked wonderfully, thanks very much for the support and patience!

    I have two more questions: is there a way to call sequences instead of commands? And, in your example you have “” why does it use the name “attack”, I would think it would be skill, does it actually matter?

    I promise that’s the end of the questions 😀

  3. Now BOTH styles works:
    you can still put attack or skill on skills and attack or item on items.
    That’s only to maintain compatibility.
    About sequences nope, you can’t call sequences at least at the moment, I were working on a “Call” command that will do just what you are looking for.
    But it’s still in testing period and I have a lot of work, sorry.

    PS: With copy-paste you still need calling sequences? I know it’s a fault to the DRY method (Dont Repeat Yourself), But if you have a DRY problem, the skill is a DRY problem I think…

    • Griffith

      Alright, thanks for clarifying! No sequences? Ahh ok, it’s fine the VXA English version isn’t even out yet– I’m really impressed that you got this much done, it’s like 2000+ lines of code! I look forward to call sequences, that’s the only thing I can think of that’s missing. I realize your busy, that’s why I feel bad about bugging you!

      Response to PS: Well yeah, at first I didn’t think I would need it because most of my skills will actually require custom animations, so I prefer it that way. I understand what you mean about DRY, meaning there shouldn’t be a bunch of skills with the same function– if they’re all the same then why not use the same skill? However, it would be nice to keep some things consistent, especially since my game will have elemental skills which will have the same animation “sequences” with different animations and damage attributes: burn, freeze, shock, etc.

      Thanks for your time, I’ll look for bugs now! 🙂

  4. Griffith

    I noticed that you didn’t include the “stand” on this list. I tried to add stuff to it, and then I saw that it doesn’t do, or change, anything. It either doesn’t work, or I’m doing something wrong.

    Isn’t this the sequence that is responsible for resetting the battler back to normal, and showing “state” sequence animations?

    • Totally true, that sequence will control that, but it’s not on the list because I didin’t implement it at the moment.
      I’m looking how to implement it, thanks for noticing that.

  5. Zael

    I’m getting the same problem with Evade, but I don’t see it on this list either so I’m assuming the same thing, but wanted to make sure.

    Awesome work by the way, I’m working on Action Sequences and I’m amazed by the simplicity and elegance of your engine. Is there anywhere you’d prefer that I post some of these sequences I’ve made?

    • You are free to post them, I won’t cry even if people makes demos about the engine either.
      The evade-miss and damage sequences are not used, becuase I am still thinking if they can be used without messing with the animations.
      Imagine a combo skill when it misses and you trhow your opponent from one point to another of the screen, if the evade animation consist in a movement the animation will show unspected results…

  6. Zael

    What about adding a ‘check evasion’ tag? Combined with clever if/then usage it should work; but then again, I’m not a great scripter by any means. I look forward to your solutions, I’m sure they’ll be exceptional. I’m not at home at the moment, but when I get back, I’ll post a txt file with my sequences.

    • that’s actually a great idea I was checking how to make it… giving max compatibility with other scripts…
      yo know, the idea is to be compatible with yea too.

  7. hasheo

    Ramiro, thank you for your great script. I don’t know if you’re still supporting this or not but I want to ask something, here is the scenario: I have defeated all of the enemies, they are gone but my sequence goes to continue itself until finish. Is there anyway to prevent the sequence if the target is eliminated?

    • renegat92

      Just put the damage command at the end of the sequence.

      • hasheo

        Actually I’m using Yanfly Input Battle Command but whenever there are still combo and there’s no enemy it will still keep performing the skill. When the skill does connect it will only moves the camera and return. I don’t know why but it’s like that. Can I just use IF(target == nil)?

      • yes, you can, you can use b == nil, where b is the target…

      • hasheo

        Wow! Thanks a lot Rami! It worked!

  8. Akagami

    Sorry, I’ve just started to use the RBS and I found it wonderful!
    I saw that in the configuration file there’s a sequence for stand and I thought at a stepping animation for the character during the battle
    so I put there the command “pose” but when I begin a battle, after the presentation, it gives me “SystemStackError occurred. stack level too deep”
    I see you hadn’t called this sequence in your manual, so I think it can be connected…
    If you can help me I will be very grateful to you

    (P.S.: sorry for my bad english, I’m italian, but I hope you can understand me anyway xD)

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