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Ramiro's script collection for ACE!

About Battlebacks

Battlebacks are important on battle systems, yes they are good to say where you are asily.

At the moment, the RBS makes many changes to the core, so It’s needed to explain it:

Default battlebacks for default resolution are currently supported if you switch UseDefaultBattlebacks options.

If you use ANY battleback with the same RTP style, you should stick this option.

For other kinds of battlebacks RBS made this:

It seems hard, but let me explain...

I’ll explain how each part of the batleback is composed:

At first battlebacks are PLANES, so they scroll horizontally and vertically, in other words, battleback’s sides shouldmatch.

The red box in the middle is the battleback you would always see, even without changes to camera, this is de default battleback. it should have the size of the screen.

The corners, should be parts of the background to match the rest.

The corners should match too, of course, this means using non standart style battlebacks or non standart resolutions would make the battleback to not be shown properly.

So remeber, if you set another resolution but you still want to have default battlebacks you should resize them according to your needs.

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