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Ramiro's script collection for ACE!

About Battler Sprites

Here you will get all the information about how to setup battlers, poses and frames for each sprite.

Defining battlers for Actors

actors can have their battler name by default, just add

<battler name:name of the battler>

in their actor notetag.

you can define the hue of the battler with the command:

<battler hue: hue>

Defining poses and frames for battlers

Poses and frames can be defined by the next text.

Just add at the end of the battler’s name [number of frames,number of poses]

Remember, This is tricky.

So if the battler name is slime, but there is a slime[2,3] and not a slime battler the system will auto recognize it and use the slime[2,3] picture.

When the battler is at other index, remeber the pose and frames definitons MUST be at the end, so if yor actor is with index 1 sprite you can call it actor_1[3,4], for example.



  1. Megan

    I’m sorry but I tried this and it still thinks that the poses are the name of the file and i cannot figure out what I did wrong. Here is an example and looks for the end in the battler name. If you can tell me what I did wrong that will be great. I really like this script and will be getting the English verson of Ace when it comes out. Thank you in advance

  2. yes, it’s like it sounds, you may put your battler name for example:
    and the battler call it chara[3,4] remeber D NO PUT any space between the numbers.

  3. don

    dude, you could do a demo teaching how to put new animated enemies?
    this really complicated I can understand because I am a layman, but if you can do a demo explaining I thank you!

    • Can you read: “Until there is no English release I won’t make any demo”
      No RMVXA, no demo, simple.

      • Griffith

        I agree with not making it yet, I’m assuming it’s because there is a lot more bugs to weed out first!

      • cristian

        ramiro me gustaria hablar contigo 1 segundo

      • ¿De que necesitas hablar?
        ¿Publica un medio entonces?

  4. MrV4

    when i start the battle it shows an error “Unable to finde file: Graphics/Battlers/Actor4”
    and i donno what to do :S
    since u didn’t put any extra things to put on Grapshics folder i tink that’s no need…
    (oh and sry form y english)

  5. shinonomekun

    The best battle script!

  6. Kuramoto

    With this battle system you should be able to define specific sprites and within specific poses and frames to actors like e.g.
    My problem is that instead tis using pose and frame x,y from the file $actor, tis searching for the file “$actor[x,y]” and eventually pops up an error message.
    Would be great if someone could help erasing my cluelessnes and tell me what was wrong.
    Thanks in advance

  7. erdy

    Can you upload a demo the english version is now released? because im new here and i cant really understand.uhm can you elaborate about the battlers note tag is that correct? because i always had error always saying stack level too deep? and which the number of frames and the number of poses sorry because im new here ?:) thanks if you help me

  8. Shin_Sello

    I have a self created sprite sheet with the “4,11” size. I can use it blabla everything works. My question is:
    Is there a way, to use more than just the 4 standard poses? Like an attacking animation, receiving damage animation, using item animation etc?
    Greetings ^^

  9. renegat92

    If you want your battler to have custom poses you have to configure the battler name so that the script can know how many frames and rows are used with the battler. Then you can configure in the actor’s note all the custom sequences. There is no damage sequence for now but you can configure all the other sequences. Remember to not modify the default sequences if you have battlers setuped in the default way. I hope I was clear enough despite my bad english.

    • Shin_Sello

      Sorry but I’m not that good, how do I do this in the Note(I understood what you said, but don’t know how to do it…)
      Greetings ^^

      • renegat92

        just write the sequences like if you were in the script and be sure to name properly each sequences. eg


        like in the script

  10. Timothy Moore

    Look I’m gonna regret posting this but I don’t really understand the whole actortags thing if someone could help me please

  11. Dave

    help me whats with this battler actor 4?

    • No idea what you are talking about…

  12. rai

    i didn’t understand,can you give me an example?

    • Errr ?

      with a “my super awesome sprite dudeeeee.png” in graphics/battlers ?

  13. what if one actor has 5 battler sprites?
    like in actor’s note tag:

  14. battler name: name of the battler
    weapon name: name of the weapon’s battler
    helm name: name of the helm’s battler
    armor name: name of the armor’s battler
    shield name: name of the shield’s battler

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