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Popup Damage Formatting

Sure it seems... easy.

The pop up with images uses the next format:

The first line are the numbers, the sign and the parameter name when the parameter is healed

The second line acts when the parameter is damaged.

The last line has the critical, miss and evaded message.

The evaded and miss message only counts in the HP image, the critical can be used in mp and tp damage pop ups too!

To use damage pop up images look in the configurations the following text:

# use images for popup
UseDamagePopUp_Images = false
# the images on the folder graphics/system.
PopUp_ImageHp = ‘pop up’
PopUp_ImageMp = ‘pop up’
PopUp_ImageTp = ‘pop up’

Set UseDamagePopUp_Image to true and then just change the numbers of the images used in the graphics/system folder.

Remember use the images between quotes.

To change the space between each digit change the following variables:

# the space between each number in the popup
PopUp_Sparcing = 12
# the size of each line (for critical displays)
PopUp_LineSize = 25

If you prefer to use the generated popup system, you can change the font name and the font color in this section:

# colors for hp, mp, tp damage or recovery(ignored when using images on popup)
PopUp_HealHp_Color = Color.new(0,255,128)
PopUp_DamageHp_Color = Color.new(255, 0,0)

PopUp_HealMp_Color = Color.new(0,255,255)
PopUp_DamageMp_Color = Color.new(255, 0,255)

PopUp_HealTp_Color = Color.new(128,255,128)
PopUp_DamageTp_Color = Color.new(255, 255,0)

PopUp_AddedState_Color = Color.new(255,255,255)
PopUp_RemovedState_Color = Color.new(255,255,255)

PopUp_Buff_Color = Color.new(255,255,255)
PopUp_Debuff_Color = Color.new(255,255,255)

# colors for critical, missed and evaded texts
PopUp_Critical_Color = Color.new(255, 128,0)
PopUp_Missed_Color = Color.new(255, 255,255)
PopUp_Evaded_Color = Color.new(255, 255,255)

# The colors for buffs and debuffs
PopUp_Buff_Color = Color.new(255,255,255)
PopUp_Deuff_Color = Color.new(255,255,255)

# the font names used for popup
PopUp_Damage_Font = Font.default_name
PopUp_AddedState_Font = Font.default_name
PopUp_RemovedState_Font = Font.default_name
PopUp_Critical_Font = Font.default_name
PopUp_Missed_Font = Font.default_name
PopUp_Evaded_Font = Font.default_name
PopUp_Buff_Font = Font.default_name
PopUp_Debuff_Font = Font.default_name

All configurations are on the configuration script.


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