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Planning to move on…

After all this years without updates (because this blog is soooo specific about wich I decided to write here and wich I won’t write here)

Here is the brand new blog to check.

I’m looking for making a nice image for a logo, but it doesn’t matter by now.

Check it from HERE, newer things will go there now.

See you

Hope this time I won’t abandon the blogsphere

Why “open” does not mean “easy to steal”

There are so mane people just thinking about “I want to encrypt my game to preven others from stealing it”

And that is silly, by many reasons,

your game can be stolen anyway.

You have to show your resources, so they are always accesible, even from rips if you encrypt them well.

Hey, I can steal your music just from hearing it.

Encrypting and packing resources from a videogame is weak protection, if you really want to protect your game, protect with by legal means, put copyright on your characters and such.

But I have to ask… why are you worried about that?

Yes, you can have as many anti-piracy or anti-X feature on your game, but you can’t stop it, butdelay the inevitable.

Triple A games, just make sure the anti-piracy is for 3-6 months wich is the time their game is sold at 80% of the public.

Also DLC and online connection is a way to ensure legal copies.

But, you, as an indie developer, are you going to waste a budget bigger than the amount of money you can make, then it’s no deal.

Hey, remember this, if people won’t pay for your game, they won’t do no matter what you do, so believe me you are not loosing from piracy.

People should actually stop being so worried about someone imitating its formula, look al the minecraft clones, al the final fantasy clones, all the super mario clones, did they affect mario, final fantasy or minecraft?

NO, they probably even made their game more famous.

So stop being paranoid about “how I can encrypt my game plz” And start focusing on “how can I make people like my game more”

Hidding information is not a way to stay secure

The other day I found how someona just says:

“We won’t give you this information, because if we do you will have to know how to bypass it”

And THIS is the real error, you try to hide something you know doesn’t exists, but try to scare the others with a bland argument.

Why I am sure after this there is no way to be secure ?

Because if your security depends on hiding information, then you have no security, information always leaks sooner or later.

Big companies like Nintendo or Famitsu cannot evade Leaks, why would you?

Hey, I’m not saying “it’s useless for Coca-Cola to keep it’s formula secret” because while part of that is true, they usually change bits of the formula quite frecuently, so analyzing today the formula may yield a different result.

While hiding information is actually something you should do (unless you don’t mind, after all, so many people share so many things on their Facebook profile to all the world…) battlantly screaming: “We are secure, we won’t tell you why” is a way to actually prove than you are not secure anymore, if your security method depends ON BEING HIDDEN, then it’s not secure, secure methods are the ones than everybody can and will know how they works, technologies like SSL/TLS or encryption algorithms are actually open for that same reason. And that is why AES is a really bad encryption method.

You know, even after don’t saying anything, people actually encounter how “DEADCAFE” (wich is a number in hexadecimal, in other words: 3735931646 in decimal) was the magic number all along…

Here is the last Rant of today, while they are maker related (In a way you may not understand too much, but they are) They are not resources, just information…

Why people won’t read your EULA?

I, as an engineer, I am pretty upset every time I see someone saying “just read the EULA if you want to know if X thing is valid”, because you know people can’t read the EULA and undertand it clearly, but why? it’s because you write it to be hard to read.

Yes, its all your fault.

After seeing some silly discussions in some forum, I decided to you you why the EULA does not work work well…

Let’s take our loved RPG Maker and its EULA, just for the sake of it.


Look how complex it looks? It is meant to be read by 13 year old people…

On the analyzer (http://www.spywareguide.com/analyze/analyzer.php), I got this nice test:

Scoring Metrics

Number of characters:

Number of words: 792
Number of sentences: 26
Average words per sentence: 30.46
Flesch Score: 15.16

read about this here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flesch%E2%80%93Kincaid_readability_tests

Flesch Grade: 19 : Beyond Twelfth Grade reading level

Read about this here:


Automated Readability Index: 23 : Beyond Twelfth Grade reading level

Read about this here:


Coleman-Liau Index: 23 : Beyond Twelfth Grade reading level

Read about this here:


Gunning-Fog Index: 47 : Beyond Twelfth Grade reading level

Read about this here:


Acording to this, then, In order to understand a EULA made to be read for 13-year old people, you have to get an universitary degree… Awesome.

Oh, and people saying “you can’t edit the DLL or inspect it’s functions” Dynamic binding is allowed, you can’t decompile the DLL, but using standard calls to read entry points is perfectly fine according to the EULA.

So anyway, I hate how lawyers tend to confuse everything, I was dating with one, so I know that really well..

See you in a while I have another Rant today…

A new maker, good bye ruby, hello javascript

Well the new maker is already near our hands now:


But I will miss ruby, I will still make some scripts for the new maker, but javascript is not quite the same…

Still I’m HYPED

RMMV – A new maker

Something like this, made me rise from mi tombstone to walk like an undead trying to eat some more (enter)brains…

I probably will make some scripts for the new RPGMaker, like always.

I hope to not dissapear like last time…

Testing from Word

This is a just shameless test from the word 2012, to see if they could really update my blog.

Not too mutch but still…

Yes on spanish… I won’t talk about it.

Maybe you don’t miss me much, but from time to time I may be here…

Well you can have this script from here.

See ya. I can’t stay too much for now… sorry.

Off for a while

As you may notice, I’m not posting anything, but I have to announce than I won’t do that for a big time, I d’nt have internet now, so making things are a bit harder (and a thunder met my pc, with awful results of course) son yes, this site will be slowly updated…


A little update

Inspired in Devil Survivor, when a characters covers other the windows will move!

The Mother 3 Status is updated. Now it’s compatible with almost 99% of scripts (YEA included)

And like the image suggest there were some visual upgrades, just because Devil survivor inspired to me.

The news are quite interesintg:

Yanfly gives a nice new Item page, i’m just thinking or the interface is similar to almost all other menus? Well, I have to admit it, that’s consistency.

Evil Eagles releases some nice Buff/debuff icons

Yami gives a new demostration of her(?) CTB. NICEEEE the bar is updating great :P!

See ya!